A Walk In the Woods: Chloe’s Story

A Walk In the Woods: Chloe’s Story

Chloe always tried to get out of the city in the summer. As much as she loved living in Toronto, her roots were still back with her parents in Northern Ontario. Once the weather got warm, the 48-year-old took some scheduled vacation time off, grabbed her two children, and went up north to enjoy the season.

Of course, Chloe knew full well that not everyone appreciated the outdoors. For her, that just added to the charm. The woods may have been filled with bugs, but while many of them were annoying, most of them weren’t particularly dangerous.

It, therefore, came as a bit of a shock when she learned otherwise. At first, she didn’t even notice the tick bite, though she did notice the rash that spread across much of her leg over the course of several weeks. Strangely, the rash didn’t itch, nor did it stop her from going about her life, so she tried to shrug it off in the hopes that it would fade with time.

Then Chloe started to experience other symptoms, many of which proved to be both debilitating and persistent. The regular fever was in fact the least of her problems. She was now suffering severe headaches on an almost daily basis, and they were accompanied by joint pain that ran through her entire body. She also had swelling and stiffness in her neck that sometimes got so bad that it led to numbness in her extremities.

Chloe went to see a doctor, and after a lengthy process that took several months and several rounds of tests, was eventually diagnosed with Lyme Disease. She was immediately placed on antibiotics, and while the medicine reduced some of her symptoms, she was still having regular aches and pains that made it very difficult to carry out her daily life.

Chloe decided to file a long-term disability claim to give herself more time to recover. Her short term leave was almost over, and she wouldn’t be able to do her job while her body was fighting off the effects of Lyme Disease. Thankfully, she had been assured that her job would still be waiting for her. Chloe had also put money into her benefits plan for years because she wanted to ensure that she would have a safety net if she ever found herself in just such a situation.

Unfortunately, the insurance company denied her claim, arguing that they had no obligation to someone who was not technically working at the time and that there was no proof that Lyme Disease was a true diagnosis. Chloe decided to fight back when she saw an ad for Share Lawyers online. They understood her predicament and recognized that Chloe was still employed by her employer. As a result, they were able to fight for the benefits that Chloe was entitled to receive going backwards almost 2 years, and into the future for several years.  

With Share Lawyers help, Chloe is slowly gaining strength and hopes that one day she will be able to return to some type of work.

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