Side Effects: A Throat Cancer Diagnosis

Side Effects: A Throat Cancer Diagnosis

Viktor felt like his world was ending when he received his throat cancer diagnosis. He always figured that cancer would be something he might have to deal with when he was older, not something he would deal with while he was in good health at only 41.

Of course, Viktor didn’t have much time to dwell on his misfortune. He entered treatment immediately and was grateful that his doctors had spotted the problem early. They told him that the throat cancer had not yet spread, and that his prognosis was good and that he should be able to make a full recovery.

But that didn’t mean that the process would be easy. Though his doctors told him that the cancer was responding to the treatment, the chemotherapy was still very draining. Viktor’s sessions left him feeling weak and ill, to the point that he simply did not have the energy for many of the daily aspects of his life, including his job. Viktor worked as a freelance designer. He loved the lifestyle and the flexibility he enjoyed as a self-employed individual, but if he couldn’t work, then there was no one else there to pick up the slack.

Thankfully, Viktor was prepared for that eventuality. He had had the foresight to purchase his own long-term disability policy, which would provide him with income in case he became unable to work. He made the decision to apply for the benefits, knowing that he would need some time off to deal with the cancer and the side effects of the chemotherapy.

Viktor’s clients were understanding and wished him well with his recovery. The insurance company, on the other hand, was not so compassionate. They denied his long-term disability claim, arguing that other people worked through chemotherapy, so his symptoms were not valid reasons to stop working.

For Viktor, the decision compounded the stress and anxiety he was already feeling from the chemotherapy and the diagnosis. He had taken every possible precaution, yet he still found himself in a precarious situation in which he didn’t know how he would pay his bills.

That’s when he stumbled across an ad for Share Lawyers while he was on Facebook. He made a call, and they confirmed that both the chemotherapy and the anxiety he was experiencing should entitle him to disability benefits under his existing policy. They also agreed to take his case.

Their assistance proved to be invaluable. Share Lawyers recognized that different people have different experiences with chemotherapy. They put Viktor in touch with specialists who could attest to the severity of Viktor’s symptoms and put together the documentation needed to prove that he was unable to work while he was receiving treatment.

In the end, Share Lawyers was able to negotiate a lump-sum settlement with the insurance company. That money removed his financial stress and put his mind at ease. Viktor is continuing with various treatment, and looks forward to the day when he will be cancer-free!

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