Day In The Life: A Past Car Accident Comes Back to Haunt the Present

Day In The Life: A Past Car Accident Comes Back to Haunt the Present

Milton, 47, owned a hair salon. But despite the success of his business, things had not always gone smoothly for him.

Eight years ago, Milton had been involved in a hit and run car accident. He suffered a concussion as well as neck injuries. Although he eventually recovered, his wife recently noticed that he was becoming very forgetful, which was unusual for him. Milton also began to experience cognitive problems. These issues were negatively impacting his daily life at work and at home. Milton’s wife urged him to see a doctor, and he made an appointment to see what may have been causing his recent health issues. 

Milton’s doctor suspected that the injuries from the car accident could be responsible for his current symptoms. Although many people recover from concussions with no long-term effects, in some cases, symptoms can persist for weeks or months. Trouble concentrating, memory problems, irritability, and other personality changes are just a few of the symptoms that can develop later as part of post-concussion syndrome.

Milton’s health problems were making it impossible for him to continue running his business. He knew he needed to step back for a while and try and take care of his health. As a small business owner, there was no way that Milton could continue to meet his financial obligations without income. He decided to apply for long-term disability benefits through his insurance company. He had purchased a policy years before and had to look for the contract in his files.

With the help of his insurance agent, he made the application.  Unfortunately, the insurance company denied Milton’s claim. They argued that because the accident had been so long ago, it couldn’t be related to whatever recent health problems he was having. They did not think Milton had a good enough reason to require long-term disability.  The insurance agent told Milton to hire a lawyer immediately, as the policy said that his medical issues did not have to be related to an accident to qualify for benefits. The insurance agent recommended Share Lawyers.

Although the couple lives in Nova Scotia and could not travel, they were able to set up a video conference with the team at Share Lawyers, who agreed to take on Milton’s case.

Thanks to the Share Lawyers team’s hard work, Milton was able to eventually get the long-term disability benefits he was entitled to, going back to when he first became disabled and into the future. He is now at home with his wife and working with his doctor to address his symptoms. He and his wife are grateful that Share Lawyers took the time to listen and understand their plight when no one else seemed to think they had a very good case.. 

If you’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury like a concussion and your symptoms, don’t go away in a few months or if they return years later, please see your doctor for a thorough evaluation. 

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