Visiting Hours: Sundeep’s Story

Visiting Hours: Sundeep’s Story

After his stroke, Sundeep knew that there was no way he would be able to return to work. Even though he was out of immediate danger, he was only 48 and had lost much of his ability to walk and talk clearly. It came as such a shock when his long-term disability claim was denied. After many months of fighting with the insurance company and Sundeep’s employer a settlement was reached.

Both Sundeep and his family were extremely grateful to Share Lawyers for helping them navigate the complex legal process. The settlement came as a huge relief, and Sundeep knew that he would have been able to obtain such a large sum on his own.

Sundeep knows that he has a long road ahead of him. He has been in rehab for several months, and while the progress is slow, he is learning how to walk and talk as he strives to be more independent. The facility handles daily necessities like food and housekeeping and a physical therapist to improve his range of motion and his motor skills. He has learned how to walk with a cane, and receives electrotherapy to help stimulate muscles that have atrophied since the stroke.

His daily routine while in rehab also includes speech and cognitive therapy, which has allowed him to regain some of his social capabilities. Talking to other people remains a challenge, but Sundeep is thankful to have therapists who are patient and understand his limitations.

Of course, some days are easier than others. Sundeep’s family regularly came to see him during his first few weeks in rehab, and those visits were always one of the highlights of his day. Unfortunately, that routine changed after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The clinic represents a high-risk population, so visits were strictly curtailed to protect the health and safety of patients like Sundeep.

The isolation could make rehab feel more like a prison. His family makes frequent video calls, but they lack the intimacy of in-person contact, especially since Sundeep is struggling with verbal communication. He understands why the precautions are necessary, but the loneliness still makes him sad, and he misses the companionship of the people that have supported his recovery since the beginning.

For now, Sundeep is looking forward to the end of the pandemic, when he will once again be able to see his family. Until then, he continues to work on his recovery, and he can’t wait to show his family how much progress he has made!

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