Heavy Lifting: Denied Claim For Construction Worker With Anxiety

Heavy Lifting: Denied Claim For Construction Worker With Anxiety

Tyler had never been one to shy away from manual labour. He was strong and in good physical health, and construction work seemed like a good way to leverage his abilities.

Or at least, that’s the way it had seemed when he first took the job when he was 29 years old. As a single father, Tyler needed a steady source of income to provide for his son.

He didn’t realize how much of an impact his mental health could have on his physical performance. Tyler had struggled with depression when he was younger, but his flare-ups had always seemed relatively minor. His mental health had never prevented him from moving forward with his life, so whenever he did feel low, he usually tried to persevere until his symptoms passed.

Unfortunately, his bouts of depression only got longer and more severe as he got older. The responsibilities of being a parent could be overwhelming. Tyler’s daily life was becoming more and more of a grind, and there was seldom any reprieve from the stresses he faced both at home and at work.

Tyler eventually sought out the assistance of a mental health professional, who diagnosed him with clinical anxiety and depression when he was 37. The news almost came as a relief. His symptoms were worse than they had ever been, but at least they could take more proactive steps to address the problem now that it had been identified.  

Tyler’s mental health issues were making it difficult to focus when he was at work, which was concerning given the nature of the job. On a construction site, people got hurt when someone wasn’t paying attention, and on many days, Tyler barely had the motivation to get out of bed. He always had the energy he needed to take care of his son, but that used up most of his mental resources and he knew he wasn’t as attentive as he should be when he was at the site.

Even the physical work felt more exhausting than he remembered as if his depression was sapping whatever was left of his physical strength. When that started happening, Tyler knew that he needed to take some time away from the job. He filed a long term disability claim at 39 and was devastated when that claim was rejected despite the support of his doctor.

That’s when his girlfriend stumbled across an ad for Share Lawyers while she was watching TV. She suggested that Tyler should give them a call, and Tyler decided to reach out to see if they could help. When he did, he immediately felt a sense of gratitude and relief. Share Lawyers understood his predicament. His depression made it impossible for him to do his job, and they promised to fight to get him the disability benefits he deserved.

Over the following months the lawyers and staff at Share Lawyers worked tirelessly to get Tyler his benefits.  
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