Facing The Painkillers: Daria’s Story

Facing The Painkillers: Daria’s Story

Everything had started innocently enough. Daria’s back was aching after a long shift at the hospital in Victoria, BC, so she took an over-the-counter painkiller to make sure she’d have enough strength to return to work the next day.

The painkillers worked the first few times her back ached but it wasn’t long before the stress (and the pain) started to exceed the medication. The days at the hospital could be exhausting. As a nurse, Daria dealt with one crisis after another, often while navigating heightened emotional situations.

Daria slowly escalated from over-the-counter medications to prescription opioids. The painkillers helped make the job more manageable, but it wasn’t the healthiest long term solution, as Daria would eventually learn. What had started as a form of stress relief became a full-blown addiction by the time she turned 26.

That’s when Daria decided to file a long-term disability claim. She knew that the drugs were compromising her performance at work, so she wanted to take some time off to get her life back in order. Unfortunately, the insurance company didn’t see her addiction as a legitimate medical problem. They denied her claim, arguing Daria could take on a less stressful job and that the addiction would no longer be an issue if she did.

Of course, Daria knew full well that she would struggle with any job while she was battling an addiction. She sought out legal advice, and got in touch with Share Lawyers after seeing an ad online. They agreed to take her case, successfully argued that the opioid addiction prevented Daria from fulfilling her professional responsibilities, and secured a settlement that would give her the time she needed to focus on her recovery.

That’s not to say that the process has been easy. While Daria is grateful that her legal issues have been resolved, she still has a medical condition that disrupts her day-to-day affairs. Her use of opioids reached the point of dependency, and her symptoms have persisted even though she no longer has to deal with the pressures of her regular hospital shift.

Thankfully, Daria is finally on the road to recovery. Share Lawyers was able to get her the help she needs, and that has her looking forward to the future for the first time in years!

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