An Office Manager Without An Office: Denied Claim For Migraines

An Office Manager Without An Office: Denied Claim For Migraines

Celine is a 32 year old office manager that felt like she could handle anything the job could throw at her.  Like many workplaces, Celine’s employer had closed its offices in the Kitchener-Waterloo region and transitioned to a work from home environment at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The decision was understandable, but it completely upended her day-to-day routine, as well as the basic demands of the job and the workflow processes she had developed over the years.

This took a toll on Celine’s health. While Celine had experienced migraines in the past, they had become much worse (and far more frequent) since she had started working from home. She now had to stay on top of work while juggling full-time childcare responsibilities, and both always seemed to be in a state of crisis. Once her alarm went off in the morning, she didn’t have any breaks until she rolled into bed exhausted at night.

The demands soon became overwhelming. The fact that everything was falling apart in the middle of a pandemic only made her migraines worse. She was constantly worried about her health and the health of her family, and the endless anxiety only triggered more migraines.

Eventually, her work started to suffer. That’s when she decided she needed to take a step away. She was missing the logistical deadlines that she used to be able to handle with ease, and she wasn’t confident that she could contribute to the office in her current state.

At first, Celine hoped that a bit of time off would help her clear her mind and get her life back under control. She collected Employment Insurance for 15 weeks when she stopped working, but ultimately decided to file a long-term disability claim to give herself more time to focus on their health.

Unfortunately, that claim was immediately denied because Celine had a pre-existing medical condition that had nothing to do with her migraines, and Celine started to despair. She simply didn’t know how she would make ends meet without a regular source of income.

Celine decided to ask her sister for advice, knowing that her sister had filed her own long-term disability claim in the past. Her sister told her that Share Lawyers had been able to help her get her claim recognized, and said that they would be able to do the same for Celine.

Celine called and was soon feeling optimistic about something for the first time since the start of the pandemic. Share Lawyers was able to do the entire free consultation over the phone, which meant that she didn’t need to go to the office and break any social distancing guidelines. They also assured her that all meetings would be done over the computer and that her migraines and her anxiety gave her sufficient grounds for a disability claim and agreed to take her case.  

Those conversations put Celine’s mind at ease. Share Lawyers is still working on her case, and are confident that they will soon reach a settlement that gives her the benefits she deserves both from when the insurance company denied her claim and into the future.

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