A Painful Awakening, Living with Fibromyalgia

A Painful Awakening, Living with Fibromyalgia

As a remote online support specialist, Joseph knew his job wasn’t physically demanding. And yet, he was always trying to rub the tension out of his arms and legs, and his lower back would usually be sore (sometimes agonizingly so) when he finally clocked out at the end of the day.

Things finally reached a breaking point shortly after Joseph turned 37. Though his pain had been getting worse for several years, it had never prevented Joseph from doing his job. He decided to consult his doctor for tests only after his performance at work began to suffer. 

Specialists diagnosed Joseph with fibromyalgia following months of tests and began to put together a treatment plan that would help with his pain. Knowing he was now in too much pain to handle the day-to-day responsibilities of his job, he filed a long-term disability claim which was denied because of insufficient medical information. 

Joseph reached out to Share Lawyers, and our team was able to help him get the insurance benefits he was entitled to. As he spends his time mostly resting and trying to manage his worsening pain while in the care of his brother, Joseph was kind enough to provide insight into what a typical day is like for him now. 

10:00 am 

I’m usually feeling tired regardless of how long I stay in bed. I likely woke up at least a few times during the night because of the pain, so I’ll typically rise and shine no earlier than ten. My brother Antoinne usually has a breakfast of fresh fruit ready to go for me downstairs as it sets my body up well for managing the pain throughout the day. 

12:30 pm

I spend a lot of time researching and studying my condition online to better understand it and learn about the most effective ways to manage the pain every day. Whether it’s watching Youtube videos on effective Yoga poses that help with my condition, or reading the blogs of health experts who specialize in treating and finding solutions for the disease. On days with a lot of pain, however, it can be hard to find the motivation. 


I have a wonderful in-home physical therapist who comes and helps me to do Yoga or water exercises in my brother’s pool in the backyard. This kind of exercise is the least painful for me and still allows my body to maintain some level of strength as I manage my condition. My memory isn’t the best anymore, so I’m grateful for my therapist’s patience and commitment in teaching me these exercises. 

5:00 pm

If I’m having a bad day for pain on top of having slept poorly the night before, I’ll usually finish dinner and head up to bed early to lay down. If I’m ready to fall asleep, I try to make sure I’m on my side because it’s easiest on my body. This is my time to meditate and try to focus my energy on all of the reasons I have in my life to be grateful. Keeping positive can be very difficult to do, but it’s the best remedy at the end of the day. 

Joseph reached out to Share Lawyers when he needed it most, and through our support coupled with his brother Antoinne’s, he’s been able to build on a solid foundation as his condition stabalizes. The road ahead may be tough, but Joseph’s positive attitude will take him far.

Share Lawyers will always be there to help. Get in touch with us today. 

*Please note that all names and identifying details were changed to protect the confidentiality of all involved.

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