A Nurse’s Denied Disability With Multiple Sclerosis

A Nurse’s Denied Disability With Multiple Sclerosis

Like many chronic condition diagnoses, a multiple sclerosis diagnosis can change a person’s life. In many ways, it can mean anticipating flare-ups of chronic pain and discomfort at any given time throughout the day.

Lauren, a 45-year-old Nurse Practitioner working at a busy medical clinic and single mother with two teenage boys, leads a chaotic but fulfilling life. Having worked at the clinic for nearly 15 years, she loved her job and managed to work around its long, tiring hours on top of taking care of her home and her children. But one day that started to change.

While working, she found herself feeling more exhausted than normal. At first, Lauren dismissed the fatigue. After all, she usually worked long 9-hour days on top of keeping up with housework and making sure her sons were pulling their weight. But the fatigue continued worsening. Eventually, she started to get so exhausted she had to take more breaks than normal during the workday. She started suffering severe muscle aches in her legs and arms, but assumed it was caused from all the heavy lifting and running around she did on a daily basis. Then the joint inflammation kicked in, her vision started to blur, and she started noticing a periodic loss of sensation in some of her toes.

Keeping up with work and maintaining her home became too difficult so her sister started helping out by picking the boys up from school and helping with housework. 

But her boss was concerned.

Surrounded by doctors on a daily basis, they started trying to diagnose her. She brushed it off, convinced it was nothing. Meanwhile, the doctors tried ruling out possibilities like Lupus, Sarcoidosis, or a simple vitamin B12 deficiency. When they pointed out that the symptoms matched Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Lauren got scared. She booked an appointment with her family doctor and immediately went for an MRI. Sure enough, she was diagnosed with MS. 

Because of the MS, she couldn’t keep up with the rigorous demands of her work. As a result, she was put on administrative duties only, allowing her to do desk work and keep her off her feet. Unfortunately, working with her symptoms started to take a serious toll on both her physical and mental well-being. She applied for long-term disability benefits in the hope of taking some time to figure out her next steps for her health while continuing to support her family. However, Lauren’s application was denied. The insurance company claimed that she should be able to continue working a less strenuous job like the administrative position she’d taken on, which they felt invalidated her claim. 

Exhausted by the process, Lauren wasn’t sure what to do. Her sister took the reins and did some research on how to approach a denied disability claim. That’s how she found an ad for Share Lawyers and made the judicious decision that hiring a disability lawyer to help with Lauren’s case was the best course of action. We conducted a remote consultation with both Lauren and her sister and quickly realized she had a case. Thankfully, we were able to get to work on getting Lauren the benefits she needs in order to continue to focus on her health and wellbeing.. 

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