Chronic Pain: Invisible but Very Real

Chronic Pain: Invisible but Very Real

At first, Josie was grateful. She had walked away from the crash relatively unscathed, and the injuries she sustained healed over the next few weeks. Any car accident could be harrowing, but she was a young and otherwise healthy college student and had been able to bounce back without too many lasting consequences.

Or at least, that’s the way it had seemed at the time. She would eventually learn that the collision had done more permanent damage than she had initially realized, though it would still be several years before her symptoms truly started to manifest.

It began as nothing more than some moderate discomfort, or as minor aches and pains that flared up from time to time. Sometimes she’d wake up with a sore back or a stiff neck. At other times, muscle tightness would limit her mobility. Any pain was usually fleeting and Josie’s friends seemed to experience similar issues, so she didn’t think there was anything particularly remarkable about her concerns.

But her symptoms gradually became worse over the years, until her pain seemed to far outstrip that of those around her. By the time she was 38, her temporary discomfort had evolved into something chronic. Josie was suffering severe and persistent back pain on an almost daily basis, which made it tough to sit in front of a computer for hours at a time.  

Needless to say, that created a few problems with her day job as a web developer. The worse the pain was, the harder it was to concentrate on the tasks she’d been assigned.

Josie’s performance started slipping as the pain became more and more unbearable. That’s when she decided that she needed to take a more proactive approach to get her health back under control. Her doctor had told her that her musculoskeletal pain was most likely a side effect of her collision years before, and that her body had been trying to compensate for the damage ever since. With rehab and treatment, she should be able to strengthen her core and adjust her posture to take some of the pressure off of her spine and mitigate the pain.

Knowing that, Josie filed a long term disability claim in the hopes that it would give her the time she’d need to complete her program. When that claim was rejected, Josie was at a loss. She knew there was no way she could continue on her current trajectory, and she didn’t know what options were available to her as someone afflicted with chronic pain.

Relief came only when her brother recommended her to Share Lawyers after seeing an ad on Facebook. Josie made the call, and immediately knew she was in good hands. The team took the time to listen to her story. They also confirmed that her chronic pain gave her legitimate grounds for a long term disability claim and agreed to take her case. Because of Josie’s chronic pain, the Share Lawyers team did not ask Josie to come in to meet at their office, but was able to handle everything over the phone and through video-conferencing for her comfort. 

After that, it wasn’t long before Share was able to convince the insurance company to recognize her claim. They were able to help Josie secure the disability benefits she deserved, and Josie is finally getting the care she needs to cope with her chronic pain.

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