Life After LTD Settlement for Cancer Treatment Pain

Life After LTD Settlement for Cancer Treatment Pain

Stephanie, a 40-year-old bus driver, had worked tirelessly at her job for many years. Through exhaustive and often stressful, Stephanie still loved her job; it allowed her to connect with her community and help in a tangible way. That’s part of why it was so painful when she had to take time off after her breast cancer diagnosis. She was told her chances of recovery were high, but she needed to focus on treatment. 

Thankfully, she had the full support of her employers, coworkers, family, and friends, which she often attributes to the success of her treatment. She was able to take all of her vacation time and sick leave at once in order to start her treatment and applied for short-term disability benefits for the remainder. Initially, she thought that would be enough. However, as chemotherapy and radiation treatment progressed, she started experiencing pain that progressively increased exponentially. It became almost unbearable, altogether eliminating the idea of going back to work anytime soon. 

She started looking into every option at her disposal to help deal with the pain. Wanting to avoid opioids, she turned to naturopathic methods. Unfortunately, they did not prove successful. She applied for long-term disability benefits to continue her cancer treatment while addressing the pain that came along with it but her claim was denied. 

Stephanie had taken her time with the application, making frequent visits to her oncologist and family physician, carefully documenting every detail, and ensuring all of the necessary paperwork was filled out without a single error. None the less, the insurance company claimed that pain was not an adequate reason to receive disability benefits, suggesting that she should be able to return to work with the help of pain medication. 

One of Stephanie’s close friends found out about Share Lawyers on Facebook and sent her our information, urging her to let us help. As a result of the pain of her treatment and its other side effects, she had great difficulty leaving her home. We scheduled her initial consultation over the phone and did as much remotely as possible to ensure we were well-informed on all the details of her case and that we were keeping her up to date on its status.  

Together, we were able to fight for the benefits she deserved. We won her settlement without incident and, after the necessary holding period, she started receiving her benefits regularly. But, as we informed Stephanie, that would not be the end of dealing with her insurance company and having to protect her benefits. Stephanie maintained regular check-ups with both her family physician and her oncologist to ensure all of her documentation was up to date and became very careful about her social media presence. Having learned about various insurance companies’ surveillance tactics, she didn’t want to risk her benefits being taken away because a post suggested she was feeling better than she was. 

Now, Stephanie is able to lead a normal life with ease while she turns her focus towards her cancer treatment and managing the pain that accompanies it. Her quality of life has greatly increased since the settlement, and she hopes to return to work as soon as possible. 

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