Denied Due to Lack of Evidence

Denied Due to Lack of Evidence

Wayne enjoyed his work as a digital marketing strategist, but he would not have described the job as a physically demanding one. He started to rethink that stance after his health took a turn for the worse when he turned 35. At first, his symptoms were relatively minor. He might be tired one day and sore on another, but for the most part it just felt like an extension of the regular aches and pains that most people dealt with during their adulthood.

Unfortunately, those symptoms gradually became more intense over the course of several months. Before long, Wayne was fatigued on an almost daily basis, and it was paired with a searing pain that disrupted his sleep and further exacerbated the situation. When he did manage to get some rest, he was still having sudden mood swings that affected his ability to communicate with his coworkers and made it more difficult to be productive at the office. He went through many different kinds of testing, but hadn’t yet heard back and was struggling to keep up day-to day. 

That’s ultimately what motivated Wayne to file a long term disability claim. He knew that his pain was preventing him from doing his job the way it needed to be done and that he wouldn’t be able to live up to expectations until he got his health back under control.

Wayne still didn’t know why he was suffering those symptoms. The pain seemed to point to some kind of musculoskeletal disorder, but his doctor was exploring a few different possibilities and was unable to make a more concrete diagnosis. As a result, the insurance provider rejected his claim due to a lack of evidence.

Wayne was devastated. His doctor had been willing to attest to the severity and the validity of his symptoms, but none of that seemed to matter in the absence of an official diagnosis. Meanwhile, Wayne’s pain made it nearly impossible to go to work, which only added to his distress as he worried about the potential loss of income.  

He started reaching out to lawyers that specialized in disability claims, hoping that one of them would be able to help him resolve his case. Sadly, many of them turned him away when they heard the details. Others made him feel more like a number than a person and didn’t seem to care about his struggles or his personal well being.

That changed after a family member directed him to Share Lawyers after seeing one of their ads on TV. Wayne made the call and immediately felt welcome. The Share Lawyers team took the time to understand his experiences and made Wayne feel like he was finally working with people who were willing to support him in his fight against the insurance company.

With the help of Share Lawyers, Wayne was able to get the insurance company to recognize his claim. That gave him some valuable peace of mind as he continued to work with his doctor to gain a better grasp of his condition. Wayne’s road won’t be easy, but he can focus on his health with the settlement he received. 

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