Long Term Disabilities & the Importance of Being Believed

Long Term Disabilities & the Importance of Being Believed

A long term disability claim usually represents the culmination of a much lengthier medical process. People can exhibit symptoms for months or even years before they become severe enough to force them away from work, and most will usually go through many doctor’s appointments and many rounds of testing in an effort to diagnose (and treat) the problem before they make it to that point.  

That’s why it can be so devastating when a disability claim gets rejected. In most cases, those months and years of testing will be well documented. If an insurance company then denies the claim for lack of evidence, they’re disregarding your own experiences and the expert reports of trained medical professionals. Phrased differently, the company is tacitly arguing that you don’t deserve disability benefits because you’ve been exaggerating or even  lying about your condition.

Those accusations can leave a bitter aftertaste. As it stands, many people are dismissive of the health challenges facing people with disabilities. That’s especially true for people with invisible disabilities like fibromyalgia and depression, which can have debilitating consequences for people who would otherwise appear to be perfectly healthy.

A formal rejection feeds into that psychological loop, reinforcing the notion that the rest of society doesn’t care about your physical well-being. The fact that the insurance company can use that same reasoning to withhold tangible (and essential) financial resources further compounds that sense of alienation.  

The news itself also comes at the worst possible time. For most, a disability claim is a matter of last resort. People apply for long term benefits only when they have exhausted every other option, and they are simply no longer able to perform their job or go about their day to day life without some form of financial assistance. Navigating the legal process is stressful, and it becomes even more so when the insurance company chooses to ignore a medical issue that has completely upended every other aspect of your life.      

Thankfully, the insurance company doesn’t get to determine the nature of your disability. If your condition prevents you from going to work, you are eligible for disability benefits and you have the opportunity to contest the company’s decision.

That’s where we can help. When everyone else has tried to brush off your concerns, it can be validating when someone finally takes the time to listen. At Share Lawyers, we always want to extend that compassion to our clients. We understand that your condition and your experiences are legitimate and that a battle against an insurance company is far less intimidating when you have a friend (and an experienced legal team) standing in your corner.

With that in mind, don’t be afraid to reach out if your disability claim has been rejected. You don’t have to face the insurance company alone. We’ll be right there with you to make sure you get the benefits you deserve!

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