How To Help Loved Ones During COVID-19

How To Help Loved Ones During COVID-19

As the world adjusts to the new, albeit temporary normal of COVID-19, we are learning how to go about our daily lives while practicing safe self-isolation and adhering to proper social distancing standards. But what if you have a loved one with a disability that needs your help? There is no simple trick, but there are options that can help. 

Grocery Delivery Services

Major supermarkets have invaluable resources such as online grocery ordering either for pickup or delivery, depending on the location. Loblaws’ Instacart service, Longo’s Grocery Gateway, No Frills’ pickup service, Costco’s grocery delivery service, and the grocery delivery app, Cornershop, are all tremendous options. Though the programs have been overrun of late, they are still an invaluable resource for anyone trying to maintain their distance and keep themselves and their families healthy and safe while going about the necessary parts of daily life we can’t ignore.

If someone you know is living with a disability or is considered high risk for the virus, it could be extremely helpful to place orders for them for grocery pickup and delivery. Another option if the above-mentioned services are unavailable is to do their grocery shopping for them while you do your own. Avoid going on separate shopping trips, but rather schedule it so that everything gets done at once, limiting both the amount of time and how frequently you need to be out in public. 


Calling up your friend or family member on the phone is always a perfect option to maintain communication. That said, what we’re seeing most prevalently is the use of video conferencing to not only spend some one-on-one face time with a loved one but to have full gatherings. Whether you’re wrangling your friends to help someone struggling with depression and feelings of isolation, or getting your family together to video chat with relatives who can’t leave the house even for a walk, there are options available. It’s during this time when we’re eliminating most human contact that we are collectively yearning for human connection more than ever. Sometimes hearing someone’s voice isn’t quite enough, but seeing their face can make all the difference in the world.   


Around the world, everyone is grappling with a sense of uncertainty. Conversations often drift towards a discussion of the hardships we’re all feeling. But we still need to find sources of joy, which is why entertainment is so important. With gaming platforms like Jackbox, you can play a wide array of games with friends and family remotely. There’s also Netflix Party, a new, free Google Chrome extension that lets you simultaneously watch Netflix with a group of people while chatting. 

But why stop there? Organize dinner parties with your loved ones to help shrink the distance between you. Cook on video chat and sit down to dinner together, or, if someone you know needs help preparing food, cook meals for them. Simply deliver the food, free of contact, to their front door so they can grab it at a safe distance. 

As the situation with COVID-19 evolves, so too does our resourcefulness as a community. We’re all working together to find new ways to communicate and interact safely while ensuring even the most at-risk people are still looked after and supported. Together, we will get through this. 
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