Fibromyalgia Denied With Not Enough Proof

Fibromyalgia Denied With Not Enough Proof

Carter was used to a little bit of pain. He spent a lot of time on his feet in his day job as a building manager, and things just hurt more at 50 than they did at 20. That’s why he wasn’t too concerned when he started to experience mild but recurring pain that spread from his right leg to his lower back. It was unpleasant, but not entirely unexpected.

Unfortunately, those symptoms persisted, and his efforts to diagnose the problem were largely ineffective. Based on the location of the pain, Carter thought it might have something to do with a bad fall that he had suffered a few years before, but all of his x-rays came back negative and his doctors were no closer to the source of the problem. They couldn’t find anything physically wrong with him, no matter how many times Carter made an appointment.

In the meantime, Carter’s pain kept getting worse. Aches that had once been mild and manageable were now so severe that he couldn’t even make it out of bed in the morning. The pain had forced him to call in sick on more than one occasion, and he knew that he wasn’t as focused (or as mobile) when he was healthy enough to make it into work. Carter was afraid that he would be forced to leave his job, and he didn’t know how he would make ends meet if he lost that steady income.

Everything changed when his doctors first told him that he might have fibromyalgia. They explained that the condition was extremely difficult to diagnose and that they had wanted to rule out every other possibility before coming to a conclusion. They also felt that they had reached that point after several months and several rounds of testing had failed to turn up another cause for Carter’s symptoms.

Carter felt relieved that the condition (and his pain) were both very real and that the diagnosis gave him a clear path forward. His pain was nearly constant by the time he received his diagnosis, so he filed a long term disability claim knowing full well that he was no longer able to fulfill many of the primary responsibilities of his job.

He just didn’t think that process would end up being quite so complicated. Carter had the full support of his doctors when he filled out his application, so he was shocked when his claim was rejected for lack of evidence. His insurance provider wanted to see objective proof of his condition, ignoring the fact that fibromyalgia cannot be observed with an x-ray. The fact that his doctors were all willing to attest to the diagnosis didn’t seem to matter.

That’s when Carter came across a Facebook ad for Share Lawyers. He gave them a call and, like his doctors, they told him that fibromyalgia was a perfectly legitimate basis for a long term disability claim. They agreed to take his case, and it wasn’t long before they were able to get Carter the disability benefits he deserved.

With the help of Share Lawyers, Carter was finally able to get some time off to focus on his recovery. He’s working with his doctors to find ways to make his pain more manageable, and he’s looking forward to going back to some type of work once his symptoms are under control!

*Please note that all names and identifying details have been changed to protect the confidentiality of all involved. 

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