After an LTD Settlement – Embracing Life with Chronic Back Pain

After an LTD Settlement – Embracing Life with Chronic Back Pain

Jacob, 33, had spent the better part of a year working the rigours of Toronto’s numerous hi-rise construction projects when one day he suddenly had excruciating back pain, too much to bear and an ambulance was called.  He had suffered from mild back pain for the last couple of years, yet it had never stopped him from working. At the emergency room Jacob was told that he had herniated several discs in his back and he also suffered from Degenerative Disc Disease.  Jacob made use of his short-term disability benefits in the hopes that some time off would allow him to heal and then he could get back to work. While he did use his time off to research DDD and herniated discs, his condition only seemed to worsen to the point that Jacob could barely move or get out of bed in the morning. He would need to take an extended amount of time off from work to get his body in working condition again. 

Jacob submitted the forms for long term disability that his employer had provided – however, the insurance company rejected his claim citing the pre-existing exclusion clause. Because he had only been covered by his current employer for less than one year,  and his medical information detailed complaints of mild back pain, the insurance company was firm in their denial and he was left disheartened. In reality, Jacob had mentioned mild back pain to his physician during routine check-ups, however, a herniated disc is completely different from mild back pain that had never previously been enough to prohibit him from working.  

After hearing of our expertise in handling cases such as his, Jacob came to Share Lawyers, and we reviewed his medical history in the hopes that we could assist.  The protection offered to insurance companies by the Pre-Ex clause had left him close to admitting defeat. However, after an extensive review and examination of his case by our expert team, a workaround was discovered. Through successfully navigating the litigation process Share Lawyers was able to get Jacob’s back benefit payments and benefits into the future. Because of his settlement, Jacob can now focus full-time on proper restorative physical therapy for his back, as well as starting to work toward becoming a Law Clerk with a focus on disability law. 

Inspired by Share Lawyers’ attention to detail in winning his case, Jacob now wants to help others struggling with feelings of hopelessness to sort out the details of their cases so that nothing is ever overlooked. He maintains regular checkups with his doctor and participates in regular therapy sessions to ease the chronic back pain he still suffers from. After several months of rest and therapy, Jacob remains committed to never letting outside circumstances get the better of him.

“I couldn’t be more thankful to the wonderful staff at Share Lawyers who helped me to win my case. When I first came in, I was defeated and feeling like the deck was stacked against me by design. Through patiently listening and collecting all the details of my medical history, Share Lawyers was able to apply their extensive expertise and identify a workaround for my situation that I never would have known about otherwise. I’m now inspired to study this area of law myself in greater detail to be able to offer others this same attention to detail. Thanks again to all at Share Lawyers for the help along this journey – and the impressive expertise on offer.  I’ll be sure to recommend your firm to everyone I come across who could benefit from your services.”

*Please note that all names and identifying details have been changed to protect the confidentiality of all involved. 

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