How Share Lawyers is Working Remotely During COVID-19

How Share Lawyers is Working Remotely During COVID-19

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to force businesses to close and employees to work from the safety of their homes, Share Lawyers is committed to providing information about how the firm is working remotely to keep cases moving during these uncertain times. Some may be wondering – like they are about most other things in life – how Share Lawyers can continue to function in this environment and with these circumstances. Below are the answers to pressing questions intended to foster ease regarding how your cases are continuing to be managed by the firm. 

What technology do you have in place that lets your lawyers work from home?

Share Lawyers employs several different technologies to ensure the firm can operate from home just as though all staff was in the office. The computers the firm is using rely on a mix of technologies to connect into the office and maintain an acceptable connection speed for staff. Instead of communicating in person, the firm is using Microsoft Teams to ensure all staff can quickly talk to each other, jump on a voice or video call, or look at documents together by sharing their screens. 

To facilitate larger meetings, the firm is using Zoom for video conferencing, and are actively working on setting up technologies that can be deployed to clients who otherwise would not have the equipment or internet connection to join a meeting. 

The phone systems at Share Lawyers are currently getting an upgrade as well. Right now staff are currently using cell phones to talk on the phone, but in the coming days every employee will have a phone they can use at home that works just like the one in the office – and the reception team will be able to connect clients straight to staff as usual. The firm’s networking systems have recently undergone a large upgrade to the infrastructure and servers to ensure it has the speed and power to keep the growing business moving no matter where the staff is located. 

Is my information still safe and secure?

Absolutely. The firm’s staff are set up to work as though they are sitting at their desks in the office. Share Lawyers has strict guidelines regarding handling sensitive, private, and confidential information and continues to follow all regular policies in that respect. 

When I call the office, who is answering the phone and where are they?

When you phone Share Lawyers, the first person to respond will still be the firm’s receptionist – who is still working from the office location. You may get calls from lawyers and legal staff, and many of them will likely be phoning you from their homes as they are working remotely. Some may be using their cellphones but the firm is currently setting up a system where they will be phoning from an office phone set up in their home. 

Is there anyone still coming into the office?

Though Share Lawyers still has a receptionist and a few other staff still working from the office, all employees are staying far enough apart to respect social distancing. The firm also has the necessary people in attendance at the office to ensure that all staff working remotely can still access the network and to keep everything running smoothly.

The firm still has mediations, settlement meetings, and discoveries scheduled for clients in the coming weeks. Rest assured that technology-based steps have been implemented to keep cases moving forward – as this is the only suitable way that all parties can connect without being in the same space.

I don’t understand technology – is this going to be a problem?

Fortunately, it isn’t necessary to understand technology to take advantage of it. Share Lawyers has staff on hand that can assist clients in utilizing all required technology so that the firm can continue to efficiently work on cases, and make clients as comfortable as possible with any tech-based steps needed to move cases forward.

I don’t have a laptop with video – can I just call instead?

If clients do not have access to a laptop, they may still be able to participate in video calls by using their smartphones. Most smartphones can indeed be used effectively to participate in a video conference. If video calls are still not possible this way, clients can participate in meetings by being on the phone itself. Share Lawyers has already had cases proceed forward by using the phone and video conferences with a high degree of success. 

How will you get my paperwork to me that I have to sign?

As far as getting final documents signed by clients, Share Lawyers will be using electronic signatures whereever possible. The firm uses a product called DocuSign – which some clients may have already seen when they signed their retainer agreements. DocuSign makes signing a document on an electronic device very easy. The firm may still need to send certain documents by mail or courier to complete the process, and that step will be explained to clients specifically when dealing with their particular cases.

While it is difficult to work in these current conditions, Share Lawyers was already thinking ahead – even before COVID-19 – about working efficiently on cases for clients all over the country. Because of key steps that have been implemented over the last several years, the firm is in a strong position to deploy remote technologies that allow employees to work from home quickly and efficiently. 

The most important thing for Share Lawyers and the firm’s clients is to keep cases moving – and to get them resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. In these uncertain times, finances are even tighter with families losing income – or not being able to go to work in the crisis – and it’s important to communicate that the firm always has clients’ best interests at heart. Share Lawyers continues to do everything it can to keep cases moving forward in a positive direction. 

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