What Happens After You Win LTD Benefits?

What Happens After You Win LTD Benefits?

Our clients have so many questions about what they should do when they are denied their long term disability benefits, and we are always happy to help them through this process. But what happens after we secure them the benefits they deserve. The following is an experience from one of our clients with fibromyalgia. **

Barbara’s problems began when she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at the age of 37. The pain made it difficult to carry out her responsibilities as a software engineer, so she applied for disability benefits as soon as she received the official diagnosis.

She turned to Share Lawyers when that claim was rejected, and they were able to walk her through the process and convince the insurance company to recognize her claim.

At first, Barbara felt nothing but relief. Her disability settlement brought an end to a stressful legal process, and she was excited to move on to the next stage of her recovery. She knew that disability benefits wouldn’t make her condition go away. They would, however, give her access to resources that would make things easier to deal with and take some of the stress away from always worrying about money.

Her fibromyalgia, on the other hand, proved to be less straightforward, largely because there is no cure for the condition. For Barbara, the treatment process involved a lot of trial and error as she worked with her doctor to develop a regimen that would help her manage her symptoms.

It had simply been tough to do that while trying to handle the pressures (and the schedule) of a full-time job. The disability benefits alleviated much of the financial burden. Since she no longer needed to worry about her income, she was able to focus exclusively on her recovery, and explore alternative pain management techniques.

Disability benefits also provided a major boon to her mental health. Though the pain was Barbara’s most obvious symptom, dealing with fibromyalgia was discouraging, especially when it limited her ability to complete tasks that used to give her little trouble. She had tried speaking to a therapist shortly before filing her initial claim, but her lack of funds (and lack of time) had forced her to stop the sessions.

That changed after she received her settlement. Barbara was able to use some of the funds to return to therapy, and her mental state improved. She found that she was once again looking forward to her life, instead of worrying about what she would do if her pain flared up. 

For Barbara, a disability settlement was not a panacea, but it did give her the opportunity she needed to succeed.

“With Share Lawyers, I can think about the future,” Barbara said. “All the staff were very professional and courteous, and no one ever rushed me off the phone. I am glad that I chose Share Lawyers, they’re talented people that get to the bottom of their clients’ needs. Thanks a ton!”

Please note that all names and identifying details have been changed to protect the confidentiality of all involved. 

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