Severely Depressed and Denied LTD Benefits

Severely Depressed and Denied LTD Benefits

Unfortunately, we see this almost every day. Despite a clear diagnosis of depression, the insurance company will often argue that you can still do your job. We like to use Soledad’s story as an example to show that there is hope.**

Soledad had never thought that life as a dental technician would feel so isolating. After all, her job required her to treat and deal with people, and there was no shortage of patients at the clinic where she worked in Guelph, Ontario.

Unfortunately, she had come to learn that the reality was much more claustrophobic. Many of the rooms in the facility were windowless and cramped, and Soledad needed to be in extremely close proximity to her patients in order to see what she was doing. The tight quarters often made her feel like she was confined to her chair for hours at a time.

Soledad increasingly felt like she was trapped with her own thoughts, leading to frequent moments of isolation and despair that persisted even when other people were in the room. Her patients couldn’t add much to the conversation while they were in the middle of a cleaning, and the meticulous yet repetitive nature of the job was astonishingly draining. 

Her already flagging mental health took a turn for the worse following the death of her mother. What had previously been severe yet passing bouts of loneliness evolved into a full-blown depression that stayed with her for weeks. The depression made her dread the thought of going in to work, and significantly hindered her ability to do the job when she did manage to make it to the clinic. 

Soledad had purchased an LTD private policy when she graduated as a dental hygienist and decided to pull out the policy to see if she would be covered.  It was clear that if her doctor supported her that she could not work, then the insurance would pay her a monthly amount. Soledad eventually decided to apply for long term disability benefits, but she felt more alone than ever when that claim was denied. The insurance company said that although her doctor supported her claim, they believed that she was not sick enough and that she could work.  

She wasn’t particularly close with any of her colleagues (in fact, that was one of the reasons she was struggling), and no one seemed to listen when she tried to talk about her experience. Soledad ultimately felt like she had no one to turn to, no one who could understand her feelings or the legal nature of her claim.

Thankfully, Soledad got some helpful advice from a family friend who stayed with her for the holidays. The friend happened to be familiar with Share Lawyers because they had been a client a few years before, and told Soledad that they were experts who would be able to guide her through the disability process.

Soledad made the call, and felt a sense of relief as soon as they picked up the phone. For the first time, Soledad felt that someone was actually listening to her concerns. The staff was patient and compassionate when Soledad broke down in tears while on the line, which gave her the sense that they would do whatever they could to help.

Soledad agreed to let Share Lawyers take her case, and it wasn’t long before they were able to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company.  Soledad was finally able to take the time she needed to focus on her mental health.

“Everyone that I dealt with at Share Lawyers was friendly, supportive, compassionate, and professional,” Soledad said. “I got clear information from the beginning in every step of the process.”

**Please note that all names and identifying details have been changed to protect the confidentiality of all involved. 

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