How Long It Takes for Long-Term Disability Claim to be Approved

How Long It Takes for Long-Term Disability Claim to be Approved

Submitting a long-term disability claim can be frustrating. From the length of time it takes to hear back on your claim to misinterpretations of policies, it’s a stressful time for those impacted. One of the more common questions surrounding LTD claims is how long it will take for a disability claim to be approved. 

LTD Claim Approval Process 

Different factors will impact the time in which it takes for your insurance company to process your long-term disability claim. Start the process by thoroughly reading your policy, whether it’s a group disability insurance policy or a private one, and raise questions where things don’t make sense. Fill out your application forms carefully and adhere to the insurance company’s deadlines. If the insurance company requests further information on your case, address their requests quickly, as additional information may help speed up the process. 

Prepare for a Waiting Period

Keep in mind that there will be a waiting or “elimination” period that varies in length depending on the policy, so double check your policy to remain prepared. If your policy has a short-term disability plan, your long-term disability waiting period will be the maximum length of time of your short-term disability coverage; often 26 weeks. Your long-term benefits should start immediately after your short-term runs out.

Expect Delays from Insurance Companies 

The truth of the matter is that insurance companies are known to delay processing to avoid paying out on claims. Delays will come in the form of failing to return your phone calls or claiming they did not receive the mail, email or fax you sent them. It’s also possible they will delay the process by requesting additional medical evidence even if your doctor’s office or specialist has provided them reports in great detail that prove you are unable to work. 

If your claim is denied and you choose to appeal, the wait time may extend itself to a point where your finances are in jeopardy. This is due to the often endless cycle of appeals and denials, which has left some disabled individuals without benefits for many months. That’s not including the impact this cycle will have on your savings, assets you may have to sell or maxing out your credit cards. 

There’s No Firm Answer 

The best advice to follow while waiting on your LTD claim to be approved is to set zero expectations. A claim can take anywhere from a few months or over a year before you receive a decision. Even then, the decision may not be in your favour.

Consult With An Experienced Disability Lawyer

The long term disability lawyers at Share Lawyers work hard to help you and your family understand your claim and policy to ensure it gets the attention it deserves. Consult with an experienced disability lawyer before deciding whether it is worthwhile to appeal using their process or pursue legal action against your insurance company right away. At Share Lawyers, we are here to answer any questions you might have throughout the process.

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