Post-Settlement – Life After Post-Concussion Syndrome

Post-Settlement – Life After Post-Concussion Syndrome

When Sara, 40, slipped on the ice last winter while skating with her family, she hit her head. She blacked out for a few seconds and woke up feeling dizzy and nauseated. Her family took her to the emergency department where they ran some tests and found out that she had a concussion. It didn’t seem too serious at first, so she pushed herself to get back to her normal routine almost immediately. Within a day she was getting violently ill at work, suffering splitting headaches, and often lost track of what she was saying mid-sentence. She had developed post-concussion syndrome, and would need to take a fair amount of time off from work in order to recover. 

After her Short term disability benefits were depleted she asked her employer for the forms to fill in for Long term disability.  Her long-term disability application was denied by the insurance company, citing insufficient medical information and also claiming that she couldn’t have been as unwell as she was due to her activity on social media. Her son, who had just gone away to university had come back to town for a visit and they took a picture together of their day at an art gallery. What it looked like was that Sara was well enough to spend a whole day wandering art galleries. In reality, it was a small independent art gallery a short walk from her apartment. She spent the entire time hanging onto her son’s arm for stability, sunglasses on, and treated the outing as an excuse to get out of bed, even for an hour. Unfortunately, due to the surveillance most insurance companies use to monitor applicants, this was all they needed to reject her claim.  

She came to Share Lawyers, and we agreed to take on her case.  After going through the litigation process Share Lawyers was able to get her benefits reinstated with all back payments and ongoing benefits into the future on a monthly basis.  Because of her benefits, she was able to pay down some of the debt she’d accrued from being unable to work, and started pursuing gentle avenues of recovery. She began practicing gentle, restorative yoga as well as some Kundalini yoga classes to slowly help reconnect her mind and her body. After several months of recovery and doctor follow-ups, she registered for a continuing education class in literature to push herself just a bit farther.

Eventually, Sara felt well enough to travel, so she went to visit her son. Having learned her lesson from her application process, she knew better than to post anything to social media. Any and all pictures they took together on that trip were kept private, for themselves to enjoy so she wouldn’t risk losing her benefits. She maintains regular checkups with her doctor and never pushes herself too hard. Occasionally, she suffers some mild setbacks which are to be expected. But, because of her benefits, she has the ability to take her time with her recovery.     

“I would just like to thank the wonderful ladies & gentlemen of Share Lawyer’s for all the help and support given to me throughout this whole ordeal. Thank you so much. Thanks again so much to you and everyone at Share Lawyers for your support and help along this journey, and truly from the bottom of my heart thank you SO MUCH for everything. Wishing everyone all the best in the future and I’ll be sure to recommend your firm to any and everyone in need of the RIGHT help.”

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