A Day In The Life – Living With Chronic Pain

A Day In The Life – Living With Chronic Pain

Living with a chronic condition can make day-to-day life very difficult, if not unbearable. From one person to the next, each experience is unique, varied mostly by the severity of their condition and their access to help. For those who live alone, it changes things and makes the process of living with a disability even more difficult. Algar, a client of ours, was kind enough to grant us a peek into what a day in his life looks like. 48 years old and living alone in a single room in a house in Toronto, Algar deals with chronic pain. This is what a typical day in his life looks like. 


I always wake up pretty early, but it’s hard to tell if I’ve actually slept through the night. My pain keeps me up most of the night, so I only get a little bit of sleep at a time. I tend to fall back asleep, which is pretty normal for me. Not the good kind of sleep where you get any real rest, just some short naps. Everything hurts and moving makes it worse so I just tend to lie in bed for as long as I can. I’ll scroll through social media on my phone, maybe watch a few videos, trying to work up the energy to get up. 


I finally get out of bed. I get dressed, brush my teeth, and go to the Tim Hortons on the corner. Getting dressed is hard, and I need a lot of help. Since I’m on my own I use some assistive devices like a dressing stick and a stocking aid, especially for when it’s too painful to bend over or reach up over my head. It takes a while and I move pretty slowly, but I eventually get to the Tim Hortons. They know me since I’m there most days. I just sit and read the paper, chatting with the folks who work there. They’re some of the only people I get to see all day since I can’t really get around that well.


I’ll usually make my way back home in the early afternoon depending on how tired I am. By the time I get home, I usually have to lie down for a while. My head feels like it’s stuffed with cotton, my spine aches, my shoulders are killing me. I just keep something on in the background and drift in and out of it. This goes on pretty much until dinner time when I order something. As much as I want to chat with the delivery guy, I just don’t have the energy. My adrenaline is tapped for the day, so I’ll grab the food and lie down even before eating. I’ll usually spend the rest of the evening watching something on TV or reading, but sometimes it’s too difficult to focus. Eventually I go to bed and just pray I can sleep through the night. 

Algar’s condition is chronic. Due to the difficulty of functioning with his condition, he lost his job and, consequently, his house a year ago. He tried applying for disability benefits but was denied. He recently got in touch with Share Lawyers to help him fight his case. By way of Skype and conference calls, we’ve been able to work with Algar remotely. He’s hopeful things will improve, and we’re certain we can help. 

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