No Rest for the Weary: Shona’s Story

No Rest for the Weary: Shona’s Story

Shona had always enjoyed an active lifestyle. She was naturally a social creature and found that she was happiest when her calendar was filled with as many people and events as it could hold.

Now that she was 42, she was proud to say that life had never been more fulfilling. Her day job as a receptionist at an accounting firm gave her plenty of opportunities to chat with clients. Her two children, her volunteer work, and her various social engagements kept her just as busy when she left the office. On many days, the clock would hit midnight before she went to sleep.  

That’s why she wasn’t terribly surprised when she started to feel an overwhelming sense of fatigue. Shona could barely keep her eyes open at work and assumed that she simply didn’t have the stamina she had when she was younger. She gave herself a strict 10pm curfew and cut back on her social schedule to make sure she’d be home and in bed at a reasonable hour.

The adjustments allowed her to get more sleep but they didn’t solve her problems at work. No matter how much sleep she got, Shona never had the energy to make it through the day. If anything, her exhaustion seemed to be getting worse. She was getting nine hours of sleep every night but still couldn’t keep her eyes open when she was sitting at her desk.

Shona decided she needed to see her doctor when her boss caught her dozing at her keyboard. After ruling out several other possibilities, he diagnosed her with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Together, they started to develop a treatment plan that would help Shona to get back to her regular routine.

On one level, Shona was relieved to know that there was an explanation for her symptoms. Unfortunately, there is no cure for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and her diagnosis didn’t remove any of the obstacles Shona was facing at the office. Her fatigue made it more and more difficult to focus on basic tasks and her performance started slipping as her fatigue got worse.

Eventually, the situation became untenable. Shona knew she no longer had the capacity to carry out all of the responsibilities of the job, so she consulted with her bosses (and her doctor) and filed a long term disability claim to give herself the time she needed to recover.

Her panic set in when that claim was denied. The insurance company told her that her fatigue wasn’t enough to keep her away from her job, even though Shona’s condition made it impossible to work.

That’s when one of her husband’s co-workers referred her to Share Lawyers. They had been able to help one of his relatives with his own a long term disability claim and he knew that Share Lawyers could also help Shona get the settlement she deserved.

Shona went in for a free consultation and was elated when Share told her that she was indeed entitled to long term disability benefits and agreed to take her case. Her lawyer was able to collect all of the medical evidence, with the help of her doctor, that proved Shona was no longer able to do her job. They were then able to mediate successfully with the insurance company to get her the benefits she deserved. Thanks to Share, Shona finally feels like she’s been able to get some rest. 

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