Gambling Addiction and a Denied Disability Claim: Mohammed’s Story

Gambling Addiction and a Denied Disability Claim: Mohammed’s Story

Mohammed was working as a shipping manager for an online clothing retailer. He loved his job, despite the fact that it was often stressful. He got to work in an industry he really enjoyed while becoming friends with his close-knit team of coworkers. Every now and then, they’d even start playing some casual games of poker during their downtime and on their days off. Despite being a great poker player, he wasn’t a sore loser or a terrible winner. He knew how to play the game and loved to play it with his friends. 

One day, Mohammed mentioned to a friend that he and his wife were looking to buy a new car, but money was tight. His friend, knowing how good Mohammed was at poker, mentioned a couple of online games where he could put his skills to good use and make some extra cash. What could it hurt, he thought? So Mohammed gave it a shot. 

At first, it was amazing. He earned the difference he needed for them to buy their car in a couple of weeks, and it was a great way for him to relax after a long day at work. So he kept playing. Progressively more and more. What started as just a couple of hours a week turned into a few hours a day and, eventually, he started losing. His good-natured demeanour started to change the more he lost. He became progressively more insecure and felt he had something to prove, so he started to dip into his savings. Then, when that ran out, he started taking out loans to make up for the accumulating debt. 

Naturally, his wife became very concerned. They started having fights about money, something that had never been an issue before, and Mohammad started to shut down and close off. It became clear to her what he needed to do, and she started encouraging him to seek professional help. He did and was promptly diagnosed with a gambling addiction. In the aftermath following his diagnosis, as he continued therapy, it became clear that his issues stemmed from steadily-mounting work stress. 

Because of the nature of his condition, he needed to take some time off from work for his treatment. This meant applying for long-term disability benefits. Unfortunately, because gambling addiction is an invisible illness, his claim was denied citing insufficient medical evidence. Mohammed felt dejected and started to lose hope. His wife was determined to get him help, and refused to accept this denial as the final word in his recovery. After scouring the internet for options, she came across Share Lawyers. 

She urged Mohammed to give us a call and, thankfully, he did. He came into the office for his free consultation and we reassured him that he had a case. Share Lawyers helped Mohammad gather the evidence he needed to prove to the insurance company that he had a gambling addiction and that it was severe enough to require time away from work. His lawyer then successfully negotiated with the insurance company in order to get Mohammed the settlement he was entitled to.

“I have never met such a knowledgeable, personable, genuine, caring team who wanted the very best for me in a long time. [My lawyer] honestly took all our stress away prior to and during the mediation, and was just a sincere pleasure to speak to and be with during that very important day. If the opportunity ever comes up, you can be assured that Share Lawyers will be the firm we refer to any friends or family who require your expertise.”

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