A Home Invasion Nightmare: Rosie’s Story

A Home Invasion Nightmare: Rosie’s Story

As a contracts associate at a large publishing firm in Vancouver, BC, Rosie was a stickler for details. Her job gave her a sense of purpose when she was able to deliver an airtight document to a client.

Everything changed after a burglar broke into her home, although Rosie didn’t realize how much it would affect her at the time. Her roommate had been out of town during the robbery. Rosie, on the other hand, had been asleep in her bedroom and was completely unaware of the burglary as it was happening. She only learned about the crime when the police knocked on her door.

The police were responding to a call from a neighbour who had heard the break-in. The thief was gone by the time they arrived, and Rosie herself was physically unharmed. However, it was extremely unnerving to be woken in the middle of the night by the loud knocks of the police officers; only to learn that an intruder had been in her home while she had been asleep alone. Understandably, she was unable to get back to sleep once the police had finished their report. Rosie’s privacy had been violated, and she no longer felt safe even after the landlord changed the locks and her roommate returned.

In the weeks that followed, Rosie threw herself into her work. Contracts required focus and the minutia helped to take her mind off the anxiety she was feeling at home.

Unfortunately, the relief proved to be fleeting. A couple of months after the incident, Rosie started experiencing flashbacks and often woke up convinced that a stranger was hiding somewhere in the apartment. The regular disruptions took a severe toll on her sleep schedule and eventually spilled over into the workplace when the lack of rest made it difficult to concentrate on the details of her role. A job that had once given her solace became a source of greater stress now that she was no longer able to perform her job to the best of her abilities.

That’s when Rosie’s doctor referred her to a specialist, who diagnosed her with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder related to the break-in. For Rosie, the diagnosis was unexpected – she assumed that PTSD was something that only affected soldiers – but the invasion had been a traumatic event and it helped to know that there was an explanation for her symptoms.

The specialist advised Rosie to take some time off work, but the insurance company rejected her disability claim because her symptoms did not become apparent until several months after the initial break-in. That didn’t make her PTSD any less legitimate but the insurance company nevertheless argued that Rosie should still be able to work since she had gone back to the office in the intervening time.  

Rosie was unsure how to proceed, and decided to pay a visit to Share Lawyers after her roommate stumbled across a post on Facebook. They told her that she was entitled to disability benefits and that the progression and impact of her condition were very normal.

“It was good to work with professionals who specialize in disability claims. It lowered my stress level knowing that they were looking after all the details,” Rosie said.

Thanks to Share Lawyers, Rosie was able to get her claim recognized and take the time away from work that she needed to get her PTSD under control.  

“From the first phone call, I was impressed with the responsiveness and professionalism from the staff. Everyone I spoke to was very helpful and patient and respectful which is extremely important when someone is not well.”

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