Raquelle Won Her Benefits With the Help of Share Lawyers

Raquelle Won Her Benefits With the Help of Share Lawyers

For Raquelle, things took a turn for the worse after her company was bought out. The new ownership wanted to switch everything to different software and systems, and as an IT Support Clerk, it fell to Raquelle to facilitate the transition.

Normally, that wouldn’t have been a problem. However, she didn’t realize how much of the assignment she would have to shoulder on her own. Though Raquelle was one of several clerks, the rest of the team was let go when her new bosses decided it would be easier to start from scratch with an IT team trained exclusively on the new software. Raquelle became the lone holdover, the only member of her Calgary, Alberta based IT department to survive the buyout.

The new hires were younger and less experienced than her former colleagues and many of them weren’t ready to handle the pace of a corporate IT department. When they made mistakes, Raquelle was asked to pick up the slack. At 41, she was the oldest member and the de facto leader of the team, the one everyone else turned to when they didn’t know how to resolve an issue.

The high stakes and heavy workload took a toll. Raquelle began to get a shooting pain that ran from her wrists to her back, something that felt far more severe than the carpal tunnel syndrome she had experienced in the past. The constant questions from her coworkers also made her irritable. Raquelle liked to think that she was good with people but not when she was exhausted because the pain disrupted her sleep.

The situation at work eventually stabilized, but the pain and the irritability remained. That’s when Raquelle decided it was time to see her doctor. After several rounds of testing, she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. She began exploring treatment options to alleviate the pain and filed a short term and then a long term disability claim to give herself more time to focus on her health.

That STD claim was approved, but the LTD claim was denied even though her fibromyalgia symptoms were causing her so much pain.  Her cousin told her about Share Lawyers while they were video chatting after a particularly difficult week of seeing doctors and feeling hopeless.

Raquelle made the call, and the team at Share Lawyers immediately went to work.

“Share Lawyers made this whole experience as positive as they could, under the circumstances,” Raquelle said. “Their staff helped to reassure me by explaining the process to me, keeping me in the loop, and getting the whole thing completed in a very timely fashion.”

Thanks to Share Lawyers, Raquelle received the long term disability benefits she was entitled to, and now has the security she needs to get her health under control!

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