Managing Pressure & Denied Disability Benefits

Managing Pressure & Denied Disability Benefits

Mark grew up in Cambridge, Ontario, and spent his entire life there. He loved being close to family and friends. He had a great community and a nice life. He had a stable job as an Assembly-Plant Quality Monitor, and his supervisors appreciated his hard work. He was well-liked amongst his colleagues. 

Throughout his 20s and 30s, Mark experienced acute bouts of depression. Now, at age 53, it had been years since he’d had an episode and he generally felt stable and secure in his mental health. However, over the last few months, he had been more lethargic than usual. Incrementally, he had become somewhat more reclusive and less upbeat. He realized that there might be a problem. 

At his general checkup, Mark mentioned his concerns to his doctor. From everything he was describing, she believed that the medication that he had been taking was starting to be less effective for him. She suggested he try a new one. 

Unfortunately, one of the side effects of his new medication was skin irritation and this was affecting Mark terribly. He broke out into rashes that were so uncomfortable he ended up missing work. He explained what was happening to his supervisors. While they felt for Mark, they were also eager for him to return to his regular pace of work and put pressure on him to find a solution quickly. 

Mark returned to his doctor a few times in hopes of finding a medication that would work for him. Because his doctor held business hours, he ended up missing even more time at his job. His supervisors were growing frustrated. He began to experience a lot of anxiety and he started having panic attacks for the first time in his life. It was all becoming too much. 

Mark knew that he could not give one hundred percent to both his work and his health at the same time. He had a choice to make. He decided to file for both short-term and then long-term disability but was denied both. He was at a loss. 

After hearing about his denied claims through Mark’s sister, a family friend reached out to Mark. She had gone through a similar situation recently and had worked with Share Lawyers to fight it. After their conversation, he hung up the phone and picked it right back up again. This time, he called the law office.

After a free telephone consultation, Share Lawyers told Mark he had a strong case for his claim. We were able to mediate with the insurance company on Mark’s behalf and get them to agree on a settlement sum.

After successfully fighting on his behalf, Mark wrote to us, “I wish to thank everyone at Share Lawyers for all their help and support. Everyone I dealt with worked as part of a team with wonderful communication. I appreciated keeping us involved throughout the entire process, right through to mediation and a settlement on our behalf.”

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