Working Through PTSD – Ejaz’s Story

Working Through PTSD – Ejaz’s Story

At 32, Ejaz felt like his life was truly coming together. He had a stable job as a data entry clerk, a decent apartment in Regina, Saskatchewan, great friends, and he and his girlfriend had just celebrated their 1 year anniversary. After spending his 20s travelling and moving from job to job, he was feeling ready to settle down and enjoy the routine of a regular work schedule and a comfortable life. 

When Ejaz got in a car accident in the winter of 2019, everything changed for him. While driving back from a winter vacation, he swerved on an icy patch on the highway. Miraculously, his car glided across two lanes of traffic and only grazed another vehicle. Physically, he and the other driver were both fine. With some scratches on the other car, they were able to sort out the payment for damages and, all things considered, moved past the incident with little consequence. 

About a month after his accident, Ejaz experienced his first panic attack. As time went on, small stresses started sending him into a spiral, something he had never dealt with before. Worst of all, these moments started occurring at work. About once a week, he would have a quick memory of his car swerving across the highway, nearly missing others, and begin to feel shaky and short of breath. He would go to the bathroom to collect himself. Then it started happening daily. He didn’t know what to do. 

Ejaz had dinner with a close friend and asked for advice. His friend suggested meeting with a therapist. After a few sessions, he was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). His therapist suggested he take some time to do his job from home in order to manage his stress levels while working through his trauma. He spoke to his manager, who was understanding and allowed him to work out of the office for half of his work hours. However, his symptoms got worse, and he found he had just as much trouble focusing no matter where he was working from. Realizing he needed to take some time for himself, he decided to apply for long term disability. To his surprise, his claim was denied. 

Looking for assistance, he came across Share Lawyers after a quick google search. He called to schedule an initial consultation and felt confident that they would be able to help him moving forward. 

“The staff was extremely helpful and very responsive,” Ejaz told us afterward. “Every question I had someone was there to answer them for me. I was extremely satisfied with the outcome of my case. All my concerns were addressed, and the insurance company will know that going forward I will not be treated like my issues are not valid. You have extremely talented lawyers, who care for your clients. I am proud to say that Share Lawyers helped my case get solved.” 

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