I need a vacation. Will that interfere with my disability benefits?

I need a vacation. Will that interfere with my disability benefits?

Life doesn’t stop when you file a disability claim. The stresses of treatment and recovery can be just as taxing as the stresses of the workplace, and people struggling with a disability deserve a vacation just as much as anyone else. Depending on your condition, your doctor could even recommend a relaxing getaway as something that would be beneficial to your health!

However, you will want to make sure you go through the proper channels. If you book a trip without any concern for the potential ramifications, there’s a chance that you could jeopardize your disability benefits and face a tough legal fight when you return.

So what should you do if you’re thinking of taking a vacation?

In most regards, taking a vacation while receiving disability benefits is similar to taking a vacation while working. You need to get any travel plans cleared with your doctor and your disability claim administrator, just as you need to get approval from your employer when you want to book days off.

A disability claim will determine the people you need to speak to when asking for permission. For instance, you may need a written note from your doctor that says that your planned trip will not interfere with your treatment schedule. You’ll also want to speak to the insurance company to make sure a vacation is permitted under the terms of your contract. Some disability policies will place restrictions on travel and while they’re relatively uncommon, they are something you need to be aware of before you book your flight. 

Assuming that you are able to get everything signed-off on, you still need to be aware of the optics of your trip once you arrive at your destination. This is especially true if you or anyone you travel with shares photos and videos on social media. Many insurance providers will view participation in certain activities as being inconsistent with a disability that keeps you out of work.

Unfortunately, any vacation is likely to raise some suspicion. It may seem unfair but it is nevertheless something you have to take into account. Getting pre-approved for your trip will give you some legal protection, but you may not want to engage in any activities that will seem overly strenuous to anyone who may be watching back home.

At the very least, you should probably try not to share too much online. If you’re worried, it can help to keep a diary that chronicles how your disability affected you and your family during the trip. Doing so will demonstrate that you were unable to participate as you would if not for your disability. If your pain forces you to give up on that walk through town and limits your ability to play with your kids at the beach, making a note of it will give you some evidence to show a lawyer when you return.

Everyone should get to enjoy their vacation. Taking certain precautions will give you more peace of mind, so you can relax knowing that your disability benefits will still be waiting for you when you return!

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