Travel Diary – Noor’s Story

Travel Diary – Noor’s Story

Born and raised in Malaysia, Noor had spent most of her adult life as a childcare worker in Halifax, Nova Scotia until her Crohn’s disease forced her to stop working. She enjoyed her work, but she didn’t get to make it home to Malaysia nearly as often as she’d like. At the very least, she wished she got to spend more time with her family and always felt left out whenever they got together for a big event back home.

That’s why she was determined to make it back to Malaysia for the most recent family reunion. One of Noor’s cousins had fallen sick; a relative that she had been particularly close with when they were children. Noor made the trip because she wanted one more chance to see her cousin if her health took an unexpected turn for the worse.

She wouldn’t have made the same decision had she known what awaited her when she got back to Canada. At the time of the trip, Noor had been receiving long term disability benefits for her Crohn’s disease for the past 4 years. The condition caused pain and mental distress that made it nearly impossible to keep up with the various children in her care, and she simply didn’t have as much stamina as she did when she was younger.

Unfortunately, the insurance company was not very understanding when they learned she had taken a trip to Malaysia. They accused her of “not being sick enough, and cut off her LTD benefits shortly after her return to Halifax.

The decision was incredibly distressing for Noor. She was still in no condition to go back to work, and despite the faraway locale, her trip to Malaysia hadn’t been much of a vacation. Her Crohn’s disease made travel difficult and her symptoms started flaring up as soon as her plane took off in Canada. It was good to see family but Noor had spent much of the trip worrying about her digestion. Wherever they went, she made sure she knew where the washroom was in case she needed to run to the toilet to avoid an embarrassing mishap.        

At a loss, Noor decided to call Share Lawyers to discuss her options after her sister-in-law saw an ad on Facebook. They told her that she had a valid case, and helped her gather the evidence she’d need to receive her maximum entitlement.

“It was worth it!” Noor told us after her case had been resolved. “The lawyers worked hard for me. All of my questions were answered promptly and in full. I’m glad I decided to make the call.”

Share Lawyers understood that her trip home didn’t have anything to do with her disability and helped her fight for what was rightfully hers. Thanks to their expertise, Noor was able to force the insurance company to pay her claim. 

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