[VIDEO] Why Do Insurance Companies Deny Claims?

[VIDEO] Why Do Insurance Companies Deny Claims?

Having your disability claim denied can be a difficult and often discouraging experience but it’s important to keep in mind some key facts about the insurance process. “The short answer,” says Kirk Sloane, Lawyer at Share Lawyers, “is they don’t really want to pay you, didn’t really want to pay you, and are always looking for a reason to stop paying you.” 

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not want to pay out anything if they can avoid it. So the reality is that they’re looking for reasons to deny claims from the get-go. In some cases, they may have an easier time denying certain claims. For instance, it’s quite common for claims based on chronic pain or mental health issues to be denied or to have benefits taken away after they’ve been granted. The easy reason for this is because they’re invisible illnesses, and so the barometer for the functionality of the patient is largely subjective. 

The same can be true of other invisible disabilities such as addiction and this situation lends itself to other reasons for insurance companies to deny your claim. When applying for disability benefits for addiction, it’s often required that the person be registered in a rehabilitation program of some kind or showing proof of intent to register. Regardless of whether or not the rehab program is the right choice for them to recover from their ailment, it’s mandatory. Refusal to register or a lack of enrollment is a simple enough reason for companies to deny the claim. 

We often get clients asking if it makes a difference that their physician supports them in their application. From the client’s perspective, what the physician says should be as good as gold. Since they’re treating the illness and often have permission to speak for the client in regards to their abilities and limitations. Clients assume the insurance companies will take what they say as gospel. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the way things go. 

Insurance companies like to pick apart the minutia of benefits claims. They’re looking for holes in order to find any reason to deny your claim and avoid paying out. They’ll want to know why you find yourself in this current situation? What are your physical limitations? What are you capable of doing? How quickly can you return to work? How long has the illness been going on? In many cases, it becomes a never-ending process of questioning that often just leads to dead ends, rejection, and frustration. 

But it’s not impossible. That’s where hiring a disability lawyer comes in. It’s our job to mitigate these situations and ensure that the insurance companies don’t take advantage of you. So lean on us and we’ll help you through the process. At the end of the day, your well-being is our priority.

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