The Canadian Disability Tax Credit for Those Suffering from Chronic Back Pain

The Canadian Disability Tax Credit for Those Suffering from Chronic Back Pain

Pain can generally be categorized into two streams – acute and chronic. Acute pain is the nervous system’s reaction to the presence of an injury. Chronic pain, on the other hand, is unique in that it cannot necessarily be cured and does not go away on its own in a reasonable amount of time. Chronic pain lasts for months, years, or even decades, and is something that people must adjust their lives around. One of the most common causes of chronic pain is back injury. It can be persistent and ongoing, and in many cases physically and emotionally debilitating. 

Studies have shown an intrinsic link between physical and mental health. Those suffering from chronic pain are three times more likely to develop symptoms of depression or anxiety than the general population. These factors can make it extremely difficult to hold down a steady job. For those suffering from chronic back pain, even the simple act of sitting can lead to excruciating discomfort, threatening one’s financial stability. 

What many Canadians don’t realize is that if they are living with chronic pain, they are eligible to receive a disability tax credit. “For those who [live with chronic back pain], a situation that at first may seem vexing and even depressing can quickly turn into one that is dire and life-altering if they are forced to resign from their jobs as a result,” states Disability Tax Credit Canada. “For many disabled by chronic pain, the Disability Tax Credit is their last and best hope of being able to stem the tide of medical costs and maintain a stable home life.”

There are many different types of tax credits available for those affected by chronic back pain. For example, a patient with degenerative disc disease would most likely qualify under the disability section entitled walking impairment. The Disability Tax Credit provides up to $40,000 per year in relief for those disabled by chronic pain and other conditions. Disability tax credits exist for the singular purpose of reducing the amount of income tax those with disabilities or the people supporting them have to pay in a given year.

At Share Lawyers, we believe that if you are suffering, you should use every resource available to help you find physical, emotional and financial stability. Tax credits are an important component in helping ease the burden of chronic pain. 

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