Back Pain and Fibromyalgia – Carolyn’s Story

Back Pain and Fibromyalgia – Carolyn’s Story

Carolyn spent her days dealing with one crisis after another. She worked long hours as a Contract Administrator for an architectural firm in Vancouver, BC and there always seemed to be a new problem that required her immediate attention.

The job was incredibly rewarding, but Carolyn knew that all the overtime was starting to affect her physical health. Her muscles felt stiff if she spent too much time sitting in front of her computer, so she tried to remind herself to get up a few times throughout the day. She found that movement helped, even if she was only walking to the other end of the office to pour herself a cup of coffee.

Despite her best efforts, things took a turn for the worse when she turned 47. Carolyn had experienced back pain in the past, noticing it most frequently on the busiest days when she was unable to push herself away from her desk. However, the pain usually went away once she resumed her regular routine and remembered to take the time to stretch.

Now the pain was almost constant, and it was even following her home. Her back still hurt long after she got off her feet, becoming so severe that it disrupted her sleep and made her groggy when she got back to the office.

Carolyn eventually went to see the doctor and after several rounds of testing her doctor was able to diagnose her with fibromyalgia. It gave Carolyn a better understanding of the pain but there is no known cure for fibromyalgia, so the doctor wasn’t able to offer much in the way of relief.  

Meanwhile, Carolyn’s pain kept getting worse. The constant lack of sleep was making it more and more difficult to get out of bed in the morning. She started to discuss her options with a coworker once it became a struggle to make it to her desk on time. The excruciating pain made it nearly impossible to meet the demands of her job, so she decided to take some time off to get a better grasp on her condition, filing a short term disability claim to hold her over in the interim.

She was devastated when the insurance company rejected that claim, as well as the long term disability claim that followed. Then her sister-in-law referred her to Share Lawyers. When Carolyn went in for a meeting, the lawyer told her that her diagnosis was sufficient grounds for a successful claim against the insurance company and accepted the case.

Thanks to the legal team at Share Lawyers, a settlement was reached with the insurance company. Carolyn received back pay for the time she had already taken off and years into the future that recognized the validity of her long term disability claim.

Carolyn is still in too much pain to go return to work,. Thanks to Share Lawyers, she is using her time away from work to focus on regulating her medications with her doctor, finding a fitness routine, and experimenting with physiotherapy and acupuncture to manage her symptoms. 

“My experience with Share Lawyers was fantastic!” Carolyn told us later. “I thought I was not going to get my benefits. I called Share Lawyers and right from the first phone call, they made me feel better and gave me hope. The staff were friendly, very helpful, and most of all easy to talk to. I never felt I was being a bother. I don’t think you could have done more.”

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