Long Term Disability Denied After a Heart Attack

Long Term Disability Denied After a Heart Attack

When he was a kid, Zahir had always had plenty of energy. That didn’t change when he grew up and joined the workforce. Data science is usually a sedentary profession, but his colleagues always said that he had a bounce in his step when he walked around the office.

They also noticed when he slowed down shortly after turning 52. Zahir figured it was one of the normal side effects of ageing. He didn’t necessarily like his new reality – walking to the other end of his Saskatoon-based office was now enough to leave him exhausted and short of breath – but there didn’t seem to be much he could do about it. When his ankles started to swell, he attributed it to poor circulation and made a note to get a more comfortable pair of shoes.

In retrospect, Zahir wished he had paid more attention to the warning signs and gone to the doctor sooner. His symptoms proved to be the precursor to a heart attack, which came on suddenly one morning while he was getting ready for work. His family rushed him to the hospital as soon as he collapsed.

Thankfully, the attack was relatively minor. The doctors were able to save his life and told Zahir that he should be able to return to work within a matter of weeks. Zahir went home to recover and was optimistic that his life would soon return to normal.

His mood soured when his condition failed to improve. Despite his new medication, Zahir was still becoming fatigued far too easily, to the point that he seldom had the strength to make it up the stairs of his own house. After three weeks had passed, Zahir knew that he was still far too weak to return to work and his doctors agreed. Zahir filed for a long term disability claim to cover his expenses and give himself more time to heal.

It came as a shock when that claim was denied. Zahir had just had a heart attack. He couldn’t even do his own grocery shopping, yet the insurance company had decided that he was healthy enough to return to work. Zahir didn’t know what it would take to convince them that he was legitimately exhausted.  

That’s when he saw a commercial for Share Lawyers on TV. He decided to give them a call, and they confirmed that his heart attack gave him grounds for a long term disability claim. They agreed to take his case. What’s more, they were also happy to handle most of it over the phone and through Skype, which saved Zahir any travel which he found difficult because his fatigue made it dangerous to drive.

“My wife and I would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the team at Share Lawyers for everything you have done for us,” Zahir told us afterwards. “You kept our mind at ease and well informed throughout the entire process. We don’t know what we would have done without you.”

Share Lawyers were able to help Zahir reach a settlement with the insurance company.  The time off meant Zahir was able to recover on a timeline his doctor thought was appropriate, not the insurance company.  Zahir will never go back to the type of work he was doing, but he has found a new career to challenge him, one that does not require the long hours and travel that he faced before.

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