Managing Your Heart Health – Todd’s Story

Managing Your Heart Health – Todd’s Story

At 38 years old, Todd was a relatively fit and healthy man. His job as a Call Service Agent in Edmonton meant that he was sitting for hours at a time, so he made it his priority to exercise for at least thirty minutes most days after work. He had a generally healthy diet, and while he felt that there was always more that he could be doing, he was satisfied with the way that he took care of his body. 

When Todd started to experience frequent heartburn, he initially did not understand the pain that he was feeling in his chest and throat. He had never suffered from this before and did some research of his symptoms online to find out the cause as well as common treatments for the discomfort he was feeling. Over-the-counter medications did not help the feeling of heaviness in his chest. He started to notice that his twenty-minute walks to and from work were leaving him exhausted. He would arrive tired and with shortness of breath. Was this the result of getting older? Or was there something more going on? He decided to bring up these questions with his doctor at an upcoming physical.

Todd was in complete shock at hearing what his doctor had to say. His blood pressure was extremely high, and as a result, he the doctor suspected that he had suffered a minor stroke. Todd’s knowledge of what a stroke looked like had come from movies and television, and to him always appeared obvious, intense, and most often fatal. It was difficult for him to comprehend that he had suffered one without even noticing. 

Through work with specialists, Todd tried a series of different diets and lifestyle changes, all with little success. His breathing issues were worsening, leaving him light-headed and unable to perform well at his job. He applied for long term disability benefits so that he could focus more acutely on managing his blood pressure and getting his health in order. His application was denied because of insufficient medical evidence, and he was devastated.

Feeling at a loss, he came across a Share Lawyers ad on Facebook, and clicked on it, mostly out of curiosity. After reading through our reviews and testimonials, he gave us a call. The fight with the insurance company lasted months, but in the end, Share Lawyers was able to negotiate a settlement that included back-pay for the time he’d already taken off, as well as future income. 

With the time afforded by his long-term disability claim, Todd was able to seriously devote himself to finding out what worked for him to manage his condition. He spent time learning which foods he had to cut out of his diet completely and which he could have in moderation. He also found a fitness routine that he was able to stick to and that worked with his daily routine.

Through all of the ups and downs that Todd had faced, contacting Share Lawyers was what he felt most thankful for. “My experience was very good,” he told us afterwards. “I was well informed and my lawyer certainly knew her stuff and worked to my benefit. Everyone was very helpful, kind, understanding, and professional. I’m very grateful for the help I received from Share Lawyers.” Todd knew that his physical well-being was our top priority and we were proud to fight for a healthier future for him.

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