You Can’t Rush Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery

You Can’t Rush Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery

When you have a head injury, no matter how mild it may seem, it’s important to take plenty of time to rest and recover. Rushing to get back to work can cause more physical damage and can potentially make claiming disability benefits nearly impossible.

Take Adrian, for instance, a warehouse shipping and receiving associate. During the holiday crunch time around Christmas, while trying to keep up with ever-mounting demands, a loose package fell off a high shelf at the warehouse, hitting him in the head. He didn’t black out, but did lose his balance, and fell to the ground.

He shook it off but quickly noticed that his vision was blurry and he couldn’t focus. He had a tightening sensation around the base of his skull and was feeling progressively more nauseous as the hour went on. Eventually, his supervisor insisted he go to the nearest emergency department. The emergency physician gave him a quick look, telling him he’d be fine, and to just rest up for a couple of days.

Adrien took that advice to heart, staying in bed, watching some movies, and just relaxing. Despite this rest, he was having a hard time following his kids’ stories about their school day, and couldn’t keep up with his wife, Jane, when they tried to hash out their holiday plans. He was constantly exhausted and found himself napping more than the family cat.  

Nevertheless, he went back to work that week and tried to keep up his usual momentum, which proved impossible. He started having difficulty doing any physical labour as he was losing his balance on flat ground, getting nauseous every couple of minutes, and had to keep his sunglasses on in the dimly-lit warehouse. After he fell and nearly hit his head again on one of the storage shelves, his boss told him to see his regular family physician.

As soon as he told his doctor what had happened, they knew what was really going on: Adrien was concussed. All the extra work he’d been doing had made what should have been a mild concussion a much more serious injury that would take substantially more time to heal.

Adrien’s physician encouraged him to use his sick days to work with his wife and apply for long-term disability benefits. But between Jane having to work overtime and Adrien incapable of using screens to figure out how to apply, they ran out of time. With finances growing tighter, they pieced together his application and were denied. The insurance company cited insufficient medical evidence along with his return to work and the emergency physician’s initial report as being indicative of a far less severe head trauma than their application suggested. They felt like there was nothing they could do.

One day on her lunch hour, Jane saw an ad for Share Lawyers on Instagram and decided to do a little digging. Since their financial situation had become so tight, they were scared to ask for legal help because of the potential costs. When she found out that you pay nothing up front for our services, she called us and set up a skype consultation immediately.

Thankfully, our team was able to work with Adrien and his family to help him get the benefits he needed. “We thought we could do it on our own,” Jane said “but we were drowning in legal jargon and lengthy, confusing meetings with the insurance companies. Share Lawyers worked as a team and helped us fight for what Adrien needed in order to get better. They kept us informed every step of the way, and made sure we were never in the dark or overwhelmed. They were incredible.”

At Share Lawyers, it’s our job to help you get the benefits you need while allowing you to continue to focus on your recovery. Letting us help you is the best decision you can make during these difficult times.    


*All client names and identifying details have been changed to protect the confidentiality of all involved.

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