When a Claim is Unclear, a Denial is Even More Likely

When a Claim is Unclear, a Denial is Even More Likely

We first met Walter when he was 37 years old. After a year of struggling with his mental health, he was looking for support for himself and his family. He was grateful to have found us, and we were lucky to be a part of his journey.

As a truck driver, it was important for Walter to be fully engaged while driving. He was dealing with potentially dangerous situations on a daily basis, and there was little room for error. He had always been confident and focused at his job, but had recently begun to experience bouts of acute anxiety. Tasks that had seemed straightforward to him now worried him. He was doubting his abilities and felt as if those around him were judging his actions. Twice, when loading his truck, he worried that the materials were not secure and began to sweat heavily and experience shallow, fast breathing. He didn’t understand what was happening to him.

Walter’s nervousness was exhausting. Arriving home at the end of each shift, he was emotionally and mentally drained. He confided in his brother, who suggested he speak to a professional about his concerns. Walter decided to consult a therapist without his family knowing. He had a wife and four children who were relying on him. The idea of seaming weak in their eyes only added to his anxiety. He felt that this was something he had to take on by himself.

Keeping these sessions a secret took a toll on Walter. There were times when he would miss appointments entirely because he did not feel confident in making a believable excuse for his absence to his family. He was also unclear when giving answers to his doctor and keeping records of the tests that were done – the stress of it all was simply too much. Finally, he came up with the idea to tell his loved ones that he was struggling from severe back pain, which would mean he would be taking some time off work and attending regular physical therapy sessions. He reassured them that he would apply for long-term disability benefits, which would cover this extended leave.

Walter did apply for disability benefits and sited his anxiety and panic attacks as the reason. His claim was denied. Due to the fact that he had missed several appointments and given unclear information, his condition was not taken seriously. Walter didn’t know how crucial it is that any medical information gives to the insurance company is both complete and accurate. However, any information he provided about his disability was used to make a decision on his claim – so that information should have been accurate and supported by his doctor’s findings.

Suddenly, Walter felt like his world was falling apart. He confided in his brother, the only person who knew the truth, who told him to contact Share Lawyers.

We were able to help Walter navigate the legal system and make a successful claim. In doing so, Walter felt secure in taking an extended leave from work, and with help from his therapist, told his family the truth. Managing his anxiety helped him see things more clearly, and work towards a stable and fulfilling work and home life.

“On my first call, they made me feel welcome and validated, my disabilities were not all in my head, and they were real. I didn’t feel ashamed of explaining my problems anymore,” Walter told us.

“Everyone was very patient and understanding. Made sure to explain everything and check to make sure I understood. I was happy to get the settlement I did and to have it resolved so quickly.”


*All client names and identifying details have been changed to protect the confidentiality of all involved.

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