Social Media Surveillance Leads to a Denied Claim

Social Media Surveillance Leads to a Denied Claim

From the outside, Felicity’s life looked perfect. She had always been an avid user of social media, and now that she was in the cosmetics industry, she worked even harder to hold up the façade. Her Instagram made it seem like her days were filled with one adventure after another, a series of posts featuring amazing beauty products and smiling faces.   

However, her followers never saw the anxiety that lurked beneath the surface. Felicity worked as a visual merchandiser in a beauty supply store, and while that had seemed like an exciting job in her 20s, she was beginning to want more from life now that she was 33. Much of her personal social media presence showcased new displays or products that were available in the store, and the focus on beauty products was making her feel increasingly disposable. She found herself questioning her choices and the broader impact she was having on the world.

It wasn’t long before the doubt began to take a toll. She was losing so much sleep that it was affecting her performance at work, and many of the people who saw her in person had expressed concern about her mental and physical well-being.

You’d just never know it if you encountered her online. The feedback she got from people on social media felt like it was one of the few positive things in her life, and she didn’t want to give up that support. At the same time, she was afraid her followers would abandon her if they knew her life wasn’t as glamorous as it seemed.

She went to see a specialist to deal with her depression and her feelings of inadequacy. Her doctor gave her a prescription for Zoloft, and while the drug helped, it also had other side effects. Felicity still had trouble sleeping and was gaining weight thanks to the combination of the Zoloft and her irregular sleeping pattern.

Meanwhile, her performance at work continued to suffer and eventually became untenable. She was taking far too many sick days, so she took her manager’s advise and filed a long term disability claim to deal with her mental health.

That was when she felt the unexpected consequences of the social media mask she had created. The insurance company went through her Instagram feed and denied her claim, arguing that she must be healthy enough to work based all of her makeup purchases and the photos from the gym. Never mind the fact that those were old photos, or that her doctor and her employer both knew there was something wrong. Her heavily curated Instagram profile made it seem like she was happy, and that must mean she was healthy enough to work. Felicity didn’t know that many insurance companies conduct online surveillance, watching what is being posted to social media and making assumptions based on online posts.

Felicity began to despair until her manager directed her to Share Lawyers. They told her that her claim was valid, and that they could help her get the benefits she deserves.

“To tell the truth,” Felicity told us, “I was reluctant to make that first call. I thought like many others, that the insurance company would win. I was ready to give up before I had even tried.”

“I’m glad I contacted Share Lawyers – my worries were alleviated with my first contact. Everyone we spoke to or emailed was very helpful and were quick to respond. The settlement that was negotiated for me was more than I thought I could get. I can’t think of anything I would change. I was made to feel like I mattered right from the beginning.”

In the meantime, Felicity has stopped posting on social media. She feels like someone has finally acknowledged the truth, and that’s given her a bit of hope as she struggles to reconcile her online persona with her real one.  


*All client names and identifying details have been changed to protect the confidentiality of all involved.

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