How to Find the Right Mental Health Specialist

How to Find the Right Mental Health Specialist

Mental health often manifests without any physical symptoms. This can make it difficult to diagnose, which in turn can make it even more difficult to get a long-term disability claim recognized. Unlike a broken arm or a torn ACL, there’s simply no way to make an irrefutable mental health diagnosis based on an x-ray or an MRI.

That’s why getting the support of a medical professional is absolutely essential when filing a long-term disability claim related to your mental health. A trained therapist will be able to corroborate your experience and verify that you have a legitimate disability, all of which will make it much more difficult for the insurance company to dismiss your claim.   

However, getting that doctor’s signoff can be a challenge. Mental health can take many different forms, and not every doctor will be trained to handle every condition. Your family doctor can perform a checkup or deal with a common cold, but they may not be willing to diagnose post-traumatic stress disorder or depression.

That remains true even amongst mental health professionals. One therapist may specialize in body issues or eating disorders. Another may deal primarily with addiction, and may not feel comfortable speaking to the nuances of other aspects of mental health.

Finding a therapist who understands your condition is crucial as their opinion will carry more weight when filing a long term disability claim. More importantly, they will also be able to provide dedicated treatment and counselling tailored to your specific needs, which will help you manage your condition and get back to your regular life.

So how do you find the right therapist for you? Trust is absolutely essential when dealing with mental health, and you need a doctor who will be willing to support you in a dispute with an insurance company. It can be difficult to open up to a stranger during your first appointment, and it usually takes time to build the rapport that will eventually lead to results. Many people end up going to several therapists before they find the right fit. That can be a time-consuming process that discourages people from seeking out the help they need.   

Fortunately, there are services set up to help connect people with the proper therapist. For example, the Ontario Society of Registered Psychotherapists maintains an extensive Find a Therapist directory that can guide you to the medical professional who will be best equipped to cater to your specific needs. The website categorizes therapists using several discrete variables, including region, area of expertise and clinical approach, which can range from art therapy all the way to trauma therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

Similarly, services like provide online counselling for a range of different issues. Online counselling can be particularly beneficial for people living in remote areas who may not have access to many local options.

No matter what path you choose, you need to remember that a mental health issue is a perfectly legitimate basis for a long term disability claim. Finding the right doctor will streamline the process and help you get the benefits you deserve, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re worried that your mental health is affecting your ability to do your job!


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