How Long Does a Long Term Disability Case Take?

How Long Does a Long Term Disability Case Take?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from clients, is how long will my disability insurance case take?   Most people who contact us have been without financial support their disability benefits were supposed to offer for some time, and they are facing a mounting number of bills and uncertainty regarding their finances. So, obviously, how long it takes is very important to people whose benefits have been denied or cut-off.

It should come as no surprise that the insurance company is in no particular rush to get these cases settled.  They undoubtedly hope that by delaying the resolution of the claim that claimants will be forced to go back to work, even if this may not be in the best interests of their health, not to mention that their job security may severely dis by the fact that their disabling medical condition may prevent them from being able to perform their job in competitively acceptable manner.

As to the how long it takes, each case is unique and is impacted by its’ own peculiar factors, however, at Share Lawyers, we understand that pressures that our clients are facing and we do everything we can to move cases along as quickly as possible, while ensuring that a thorough job is done to present the best possible evidence to support each client’s case.

Once a lawsuit is filed, there are various steps that may have to be completed before productive settlement discussions can happen. These include gathering relevant documents, arranging to obtain medical reports and possibly independent assessments. You may also need to attend a questioning session, usually referred to as a Discovery where a lawyer for the insurance company would have the opportunity to ask you questions under oath. Questioning of the insurance company representative may also take place. These steps and the list above is not exhaustive, may not all be required, and in fact, in some cases, mediation or a settlement meeting can be scheduled without going through questioning. These steps do take time and as a disability case is a sort of marathon, you and your lawyer have to be prepared to survive the potential obstacles placed in your way on the way to a successful settlement.

On average a typical disability case takes about one year, although it can be somewhat shorter or longer than that, depending on the scheduling considerations I have noted.  To discuss your case and the chances for moving your case along as quickly as possible, contact Share Lawyers at 1-888-777-1109 or at


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