Ask a Lawyer: Why Hire A Lawyer To Help With Your Claim? [VIDEO]

Having to take time off of work to recover from a disability or illness can be a source of great stress. Fighting a denied disability claim in the process is just painful. Often, it may seem like too much of an added expense, both financially and emotionally, to invest in a disability lawyer to help with your case. This is a misconception that can actively hurt your case in the long run, simultaneously hindering your recovery. So while it may feel unnecessary to hire a lawyer, we assure you it’s a prudent step to ensure a successful resolution to your claim.   

Primarily, when fighting a denied claim it’s important to have a deep understanding of the fine print on your disability insurance policy. Full of obscure jargon, these can be very complicated. They are seldom simple to sift through, with pockets of important information hidden in plain sight. Ultimately, insurance companies will often go to great lengths in order to deny a disability claim and avoid having to pay benefits.

On top of jargon-filled policies that are specifically designed to be cumbersome and a multitude of requirements that need to be met, there are strict guidelines to contend with. If things aren’t done to the letter and precisely on time, you stand no chance of winning your case. Some companies will closely monitor your social media activity, for instance, using whatever they can to prove you’re well enough to work.

Ultimately, this all adds up to being a profoundly stressful situation in the midst of what should be a time of healing and recovery. Living with a severe illness, injury, or disability is stressful enough on its own. Throwing in a legal battle with no support team is unnecessarily rubbing salt in an already painful wound. “In hiring a team of experienced disability lawyers, they can help support you through that process,” says Chris Corbett, one of our associate lawyers. “[We can] help guide you through that process, and help work towards reaching a successful solution and conclusion at the end of the day.”

Hiring a lawyer may seem like more stress than it’s worth, but it will be the single best decision you make during this stressful time. In one fell swoop, you remove the burden of keeping court dates, deadlines, insurance policies, and sometimes lofty requirements straight while trying to get better. You’re hiring a support network whose job it is to help advise you on the do’s and don’ts of how to behave while the dispute carries on; what to avoid posting on social media, what activities to avoid that may make you look better than you are. Your team will do everything they can to protect you and not give the insurance company any ammunition to suggest you don’t deserve your claim.

What’s more is you do not have to pay unless your case is successfully won. No hefty retainer fees. By hiring a lawyer you ensure that you stand a fighting chance at winning your case.

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