Infection Leads to Fibromyalgia Diagnosis, but Benefits Still Denied

Infection Leads to Fibromyalgia Diagnosis, but Benefits Still Denied

George was a custodian in a local high school. At the age of 32, he had been working in his field for eight years. He enjoyed his job. Though it had its stresses, he was good at what he did, had great co-workers, and excellent benefits.

Everything was generally going well for him until one day he started to experience a sharp pain in his abdomen. Feeling nauseous, he took a midday rest. When he stood up to go back to work, the pain worsened. A co-worker noticed, and asked George if he was alright. As George described the pain he was feeling in the right side of his stomach, he realized the pain was more severe than anything he had ever felt before. He left work immediately and went to the emergency room.

After an abdominal exam and ultrasound, George learned that he had appendicitis, and was scheduled for an appendectomy that day. His wife joined him for support, and informed his work of the situation, letting them know that he should be recovered within three weeks. She also contacted his insurance company for short-term disability benefits.

George faced some minor complications following surgery. He contracted an infection, but it was caught early and he was treated with antibiotics. It cleared, and after a month, he was back to work. His benefits covered his leave, and he felt secure knowing that he and his family were taken care of.

Two weeks later, George’s muscles started aching. He felt fatigued. Thinking he may still have an infection, he contacted his doctor. After testing, no infection was found. Multiple medical consultations later, George discovered that he had developed fibromyalgia as a result of the infection. He learned that it was going to be a slow journey finding ways to treat his symptoms, and it could be a lifelong condition.

While he worried about his well-being, he felt lucky that he had insurance, and assumed that finances would be one thing he would not have to be nervous about. He was wrong. His insurance company claimed that he should be recovered from his surgery at this point, and didn’t believe that his condition was a result of what he had gone through. He was shocked. At a loss of what to do, he reached out to friends and family for advice. Having seen an advertisement online, his brother put him in touch with Share Lawyers.

They were able to help him get the benefits that he badly needed and deserved.

“Share Lawyers were very good. They were very transparent regarding any questions issues or concerns I had. They were supportive and professional, with great advice and information. Very helpful, very respectful.”

After months of fighting with the insurance company, and feeling like he should give up on more than one occasion, George got a lump-sum settlement and is now taking the time he needs to recuperate and plan his next steps.


*All client names and identifying details have been changed to protect the confidentiality of all involved.

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