My Doctor Won’t Fill Out My Forms! What Should I Do?

My Doctor Won’t Fill Out My Forms! What Should I Do?

Filing a disability claim is seldom easy or straightforward. Most insurance companies will go to great lengths to argue that you are healthy enough to work. With that in mind, a detailed report from a medical expert is often an essential component of a successful claim. It lets the insurance company know that your symptoms are backed by objective medical evidence and makes your claim much more difficult to ignore.

That’s why it can be so frustrating when your doctor won’t fill out your paperwork. Those supporting documents are often the only thing separating a rejected claim from a successful one and some much-needed validation and peace of mind. If your doctor is dragging their feet, knowing how to respond is imperative if you want to move forward with your claim.

So why won’t your doctor sign your forms? In some cases, it could simply be a matter of time. Doctors are busy. Many of them are already overwhelmed with patients, so your paperwork might be getting shoved aside to create time for other matters. If that’s the case, it pays to be persistent. Follow up with phone calls or emails to make sure your forms don’t end up at the bottom of the pile.

Other motivations can be a bit more difficult to parse. Some doctors won’t fill out any paperwork until you pay a fee, which is legal and worth considering if it will expedite the claims process and help you secure disability benefits.

Disability claims can also raise questions of accountability. A chronic condition like fibromyalgia can cause debilitating pain, but it takes time to make an official diagnosis. Many doctors may be reticent to sign off on legal documents only to find out that they were wrong about your condition in a way that could damage their professional reputation.

In those cases, it usually helps to talk to a lawyer who can explain the legal procedures and address any concerns that your doctor might have about the process. The legal team at Share Lawyers know exactly what you need to give your claim the best chance of success, and their expertise should help make your doctor more comfortable with the situation.

Finally, some doctors have personal beliefs that make them unwilling to take action that would allow you to receive benefits. If so, it’s best to seek a second opinion from a doctor more sympathetic to your condition. While it’s generally better to have the backing of a family doctor who knows your entire medical history, it’s absolutely vital to have a doctor who will acknowledge your disability and be willing to support you in a dispute with an insurance company.

Whatever the case, you’ll want to gather as much medical documentation as possible before filing a disability claim. A doctor’s support will boost your credibility and confirm that you are indeed unable to go to work. That, in turn, gives you a better chance to receive the assistance you need to focus on your recovery.


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