Hard Fought Disability Case Won

Hard Fought Disability Case Won

Eva had never had any major health scares in her long career as a receptionist. Sure, she might miss a few days with a fever or a particularly nasty cold, but for the most part, she was well enough to make it to work most days of the year.

That started to change when she turned 55. At first, she assumed the pain was related to her menopause. She’d been experiencing hot flashes and other mysterious bodily ailments, so a few minor aches and pains just didn’t seem all that surprising or significant.   

However, the pain persisted even after the hot flashes went away, and soon became far more severe. Aches that had once been little more than an annoyance were now so excruciating that it was difficult to pick up the phone, to say nothing of the other tasks that comprised the majority of her job.

Before long, her performance began to suffer. Her pain was keeping her out of the office more days than she was in, so she decided to file a disability claim knowing she wouldn’t be able to turn things around until she found a way to address her symptoms.    

Unfortunately, she still didn’t know what was wrong. Her family doctor was unable to pinpoint any cause for her symptoms, and while he was sympathetic, he was unwilling to fill out her disability paperwork until he had had an opportunity to conduct more tests.

Eva nevertheless decided to move forward with a disability claim, largely because she didn’t see any viable alternatives. She became desperate when the insurance company rejected her claim due to lack of evidence. The decision was hardly unexpected – Eva knew that her claim was a longshot – but that didn’t change the fact that she was still unable to go to work.

She decided to seek a second opinion and was relieved when her new doctor told her she had fibromyalgia after performing a few more tests. The doctor explained that she was only able to make the diagnosis after eliminating several other potential culprits, and was happy to fill out Eva’s disability paperwork to support her claim.

Eva thought that would be the end of it, but the insurance company stood by its initial assessment and once again rejected her claim of disability. That’s when Eva turned to Share Lawyers based on a recommendation from a friend. Share Lawyers was able to help substantiate the diagnosis by arranging for Eva to be assessed by a  Rheumatologist, who supported the fibromyalgia diagnosis and provided a supplemental report.

Together, they were able to force the insurance company to acknowledge her claim, giving Eva some much-needed peace of mind as she focused on her recovery. She began improving as soon as the financial pressures were lifted, but it was still not clear when and if Eva would be able to return to the job she was once doing.

She’s grateful that Share Lawyers was able to validate her experiences and force the insurance company to recognize her legitimate medical condition.       


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