Denied Benefits for Fibromyalgia Pain

Denied Benefits for Fibromyalgia Pain

At 36, Jane felt older than her age. As she entered her late 30s, she knew that taking care of her body would become an increasingly vital priority in her life. Like many of her friends, she put an emphasis on eating healthy, being active, and ensuring that she got the right amount of vitamins and nutrients. However, even though she had a generally healthy lifestyle, something felt off.

While her friends complained of occasional back pain and less energy than they had in their 20s, her issues seemed more severe. She began to suffer from constant fatigue, problems with her memory, muscle stiffness and difficulty controlling her bladder. She and her mother would commiserate together about their aches and pains, but it was clear to both of them that a 36-year-old should not be dealing with the same issues that are common to women in their late 60s.

As her symptoms worsened, Jane found herself missing days, and even weeks of work at a time. As a programmer, her work was imperative to the success of her company, and the pressure to push through her pain was strong. This gave her great anxiety and guilt. She had been to her doctor a few months earlier to consult with him regarding her symptoms, and after tests and bloodwork, everything appeared to be normal. She blamed herself – having not been diagnosed with any particular condition, she felt she was simply being lazy and overly complaining. Then one day, she came across a list of fibromyalgia symptoms listed on a friend’s social media page. She immediately made another appointment with her doctor. Finally, things made sense, and after multiple consultations, she had a diagnosis.

As Jane could not continue to work and she had used up all her short-term disability and sick days, she applied for her long-term disability benefits. Jane’s father had a stroke years before and was denied his disability benefits, so Jane wasn’t completely surprised when the insurance company denied her too. Jane was told that her symptoms weren’t bad enough to keep her away from work. But she knew from the pain she was dealing with every day that this just wasn’t true.

Jane mother helped her arrange a phone consultation with Share Lawyers. Jane learned that initially denied fibromyalgia cases are often won with a lawyer’s guidance. They helped her understand that fibromyalgia is one of several ‘invisible disabilities’ that require certain specific medical criteria to be considered a valid diagnosis. Share Lawyers assisted her to fight the insurance companies decision and ultimately made a successful claim. Their expertise helped her navigate a process that would have been nearly impossible on her own, and she was exceedingly grateful for their care and knowledge.


*All client names and identifying details have been changed to protect the confidentiality of all involved.

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