Vacation Leads To Claim Being Denied

Vacation Leads To Claim Being Denied

Ian had struggled with back pain most of his life. It was always pretty mild, but seemed to be ever present. As a result, he never spent a great deal of time exercising. An unhealthy diet in college and a smoker since the age of 20 certainly didn’t help matters, and he gradually became overweight. But for the last few years, he’d started to take better care of himself. He was going to the doctor more regularly, doing some exercises that were easy on his back, and eating more healthily. The next frontier was quitting smoking.

A sales clerk at a clothing store, Ian was used to being on his feet all the time. Since he was working on his back strength and was starting to lose weight he found it odd that his pain was increasing while he was at work. He started to have numbness in his legs and buttocks, severe pain in his lower back, and his arms started to feel weaker. Concerned, he went to his doctor who ran some tests. Unfortunately, it seemed that Ian was suffering from spinal stenosis as a result of degenerative disc disease.

The diagnosis was a stressful one, and it took a toll on him. It meant starting to get steroid injections in his spine to help with the pain, as well as regular physical therapy. It was a big lifestyle overhaul and a huge change. So, after getting his first steroid injection and before going full tilt into his physical therapy, Ian and his family decided to take a short vacation to recharge and face this head-on with a better disposition. He came back home and returned to work fully intending to hit the ground running. However, he found that he couldn’t perform even the most menial tasks around the store. Because of the spinal stenosis, he couldn’t lift heavy boxes or reach for items on higher shelves. On top of that, he had difficulty just moving around the store, and it took him hours to get ready in the morning, so he was frequently late for work.

He decided to apply for long-term disability benefits in order to take the time he needed to do his physical therapy and hopefully stop the progression of his stenosis. However, his claim was immediately rejected, with the insurance company using his vacation as the reason. If he was well enough to travel, he should be able to work. Ian knew this wasn’t right, so he came to Share Lawyers to see what could be done.   

Thankfully, our team was able to help. Since he lives out of the city and sitting in the car for long trips is out of the question, Share Lawyers was able to communicate with Ian by phone and video call to take care of all his consultations. Our legal team assisted him in fighting the insurance companies denial and getting him the benefits he was entitled to receive.

What does Ian think of his Share Lawyers experience?

“Just want to say an early thank you for all our conversations and your willingness to help answer my millions of questions! What am I gonna do now that I won’t have to make that monthly phone call to my lawyers office?? Wow! Gonna miss chatting with you!! Thank you again!!”

At Share Lawyers, we know it can be difficult to handle such legal concerns when you’re unwell. That’s why we are on your side, here to work together to help find the best solution possible in a stressful situation.


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