Disability Claim Denied? Here are 3 People You Need On Your Side

Disability Claim Denied? Here are 3 People You Need On Your Side

As we know, disability claims do not always get approved the first time you apply. For many reasons that often seem unreasonable your claim may be denied, and you may find yourself having to fight for your disability benefits. When this happens, you’ll need to rally the troops and assemble the perfect team to help you get through that process. So who do you need on your side in a disability claim dispute?


Your Doctors

A great way to improve your odds of winning the benefits you deserve is by going in with the right supporting documents, and most importantly, with full support from your doctors.

• The Doctor is the Expert – You know you’re not fit for work, but it is seen as speculation until you have your doctor’s seal of approval. A doctor’s supportive assessments, test results, and recommendations can go a long way in disability claims. They make your decision to not return to work seem reasonable and necessary, and their test results will be there to reinforce their expert medical opinion.

• Objective & Subjective Analysis – When an insurance company denies a claim, they ultimately do so based on their subjective assessment of your situation – this is basically speculation about your health. When a claim is denied, our job is to create a strong counterargument rooted in objective scientific fact. Your doctor is invaluable in this process. Doctors are able to strengthen your case by recommending and ordering appropriate tests to demonstrate your claims. Their interpretation of this scientific testing is also necessary, as the insurer may try to manipulate the interpretation of those test results. Your doctor can also refer you to specialists whose analysis can be even more valuable than your GPs in some situations.

• They Know Your History – Your doctor may have access to a well-documented history of your health. That medical history can be used to reinforce your claim that your health or ability has declined over time.

• Insurance Companies Can Be Ruthless – If you appeal a denied claim for disability benefits, most insurance companies will make it their priority to prove that you are able to work and are ineligible for benefits. They may even go so far as hiring a private investigator to try and document you doing tasks that suggest you are more able than you claim to be.


Your Lawyer

A denied claim doesn’t mean the end of the road, though it may feel that way. Depending on what information was missing from your initial application, hiring a lawyer will be your best bet at success in disputing your denied claim. Adding to the mix the vulnerability, anger, anxiety and overall distress that can come with a denied claim, a lawyer will help take care of things that may otherwise feel insurmountable and beyond your ability. It will also ensure that the proper procedures are followed, that all deadlines are met, and that you don’t get cheated by loopholes in the system you may not have been aware of.

But hiring a lawyer isn’t always so easy. Often there are concerns about cost. These concerns are of course valid – the burden of being off work due to disability alone is enough to cause a great deal of stress. But at Share Lawyers, we guarantee that you will have no fees until we settle your claim.  


Your Friends and Family

No one is an island. The stress of being on disability and not being able to work is great enough. Add to that a denied claim, medical bills, unfamiliar jargon, and protocols and it’s an incredibly trying process. Keeping the lines of communication with your family open can help. Talk to your friends. Speak openly with your family about the legal process of getting this taken care of, as well as where you are personally. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. With some assistance from your loved ones, they can help you get to and from appointments, medical exams, help get your medication if necessary, or even just serve as a kind and compassionate ear. No one has to go through this process alone. And it’s always a little bit easier with the ones we love.

At Share Lawyers, we know how difficult a denied claim can be. We want to help you get the benefits you need to get well, and know that, with the right team, anything is possible.


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