Tax Tips for Transplant Recipients: Neha’s Story

Tax Tips for Transplant Recipients: Neha’s Story

Neha received a kidney transplant three years after being diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). After the surgery went smoothly and her health improved, she felt both thrilled and relieved. She had been in ill health for so long that she was eager to start living her life to the fullest. However, getting back into the swing of things came with its own set of difficulties.

Neha was struggling financially. Having limited income in recent months and years meant that she had dipped into her retirement savings. Her health was her priority, and she knew that the decisions she had made regarding her money were crucial ones, but she was now looking to start saving once again. At her CKD support group, she asked her companions for advice. A friend mentioned that with tax season on the horizon, there were ways for her to receive credit due to her unique medical circumstances. Neha decided to do some digging.

In her research, she came across a list of tax tips offered by the Kidney Foundation of Canada targeted towards those who were on dialysis or had had a kidney transplant during the most recent tax season. Realizing that this applied to her, she kept reading. What she discovered that she qualified for two assistant measures, the Medical Expense Tax Credit and the Disability Tax Credit. These would significantly reduce the amount of income tax she owed.

Five sub-categories were included under the umbrella of the Medical Expense Tax Credit, including travel expenses, home hemodialysis machines, organ transplants, prescription drugs, and drugs or medical devices purchased under Health Canada’s Special Access Program. A huge portion of Neha’s spending over the past year had gone to all five of these things. She also found that dialysis is a life-sustaining therapy that meets the criteria for the Disability Tax Credit. She had no idea that she could claim taxes for so many of these necessary expenses, even her tens of cab rides to appointments.

Knowing that she could make these claims provided Neha some relief in this stressful period. She was grateful to have been given this useful information and passed on her knowledge to others in her circle who were facing similar worries. Most importantly, she was getting back on her feet, and looking forward to the future.

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