Disability Denied Due To Insufficient Impairment

Disability Denied Due To Insufficient Impairment

Diana is a receptionist who works for a local dental clinic. She’s 37 years old and loves everything about her job. Over the course of a few weeks, she started to notice that she was more tired than normal. She had difficulty keeping up with the usual office activity and started suffering from regular headaches that would last for hours at a time, sometimes even the whole day.

Eventually, she noticed that her hair was thinning. She’d wake up to strands on her pillow, and find more hair than normal coming out in her hands in the shower. She grew concerned, so she went to her doctor to find out what was going on. After running some tests, her doctor diagnosed her with lupus. Her condition was outlined fully, and she was made very aware of the risks involved. Mainly that, within the next five years, she would likely start to suffer from lupus nephritis, kidney disease directly associated with her current condition. She just didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

Diana continued to work and managed her symptoms as best as she could. Over the winter holidays, however, everything suddenly got worse. She started to have a lot of fluid retention in her hands and feet, her eyelids started to swell, and her urine started to foam and become frothy. She was scared and went straight to her doctor to find out what was going on. The kidney disease had come sooner than her doctor had anticipated, and they needed to start her on dialysis to help keep the kidney disease at bay. To do this she would need to take time off work, so she applied for disability coverage in order to get the care she needed.

Her claim was denied. Her insurance company claimed that her lupus and kidney disease had not caused significant enough impairment nor had she been sick for a long enough period of time to necessitate disability coverage. She came to Share Lawyers immediately on the recommendation of her boss. Our team sat her down for a consultation and got straight to work on helping her fight for the benefits she should have been receiving.

The key to the success of Diana’s case was to meet the insurance company’s strict deadlines and provide them with more specific medical information from other specialists proving that her condition required her to stop working.

“My experience with Share Lawyers was professional and personal,” Diana said. “They were compassionate and understanding and were willing to support me every step of the way. I’m so appreciative. The staff was always helpful and responsive to my concerns and needs. I was satisfied that they worked toward a fair and fast settlement. Thank you all. It was so wonderful to work with you.”

Thankfully we were able to help Diana. Together we worked towards a settlement that allows her to focus on her health.  Diana hopes to eventually be able to return to work.


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