New Father’s Disability Claim Denied

New Father’s Disability Claim Denied

Ron has been a gardener for over 20 years. He always loved working outside and with his hands. He started his own company shortly after graduating from University, and it took off. Now at 42 years old, he’s the primary breadwinner for his family and has a beautiful 8-month-old daughter. Life seemed perfect. That’s when the pain started to kick in.

His wife needed a bit more help around the house after the baby, so he started helping out with more chores. Then one night while grabbing the laundry from the basement he felt something pop in his back. Suddenly he was in agony, and couldn’t stand up straight. He assumed he’d just twisted wrong and hurt his back a bit. Not a huge deal, Ron thought. He took some pain meds, iced his sore back, and went to bed.

But the problem persisted. Ron became limited in what he could do on the job. He started having to bring on more contractors for extra help on certain jobs and had to take a lot of time off. As the pain persisted, he started to experience tingling in his fingers, hands, and arms. As he grew concerned, Ron went to see his family doctor who confirmed he hadn’t just twisted slightly, but had actually herniated a disc in his spine. This wasn’t going to go away overnight, and the fact that he’d neglected the issue for a few weeks meant it could take some time.

He and his wife discussed what they could do to help with Ron’s recovery, but their options were limited. Since his wife was taking time off for maternity leave, she wasn’t bringing in enough money to support the family. Ron couldn’t afford to take work off for a while, so they decided to apply for long-term disability benefits instead. They got all the medical documents in order and submitted it to their insurance company. Sadly, their claim was denied. The company suggested it was a fraudulent claim, and that Ron was simply trying to take time off to spend with the new baby at home.

They were outraged. A friend recommended they try out a disability law firm and suggested Share Lawyers. We had a phone call with Ron and his wife and we laid out how we could help them with their case.

“The whole team was a dream,” Ron said. “Everyone was easy to communicate with, we were kept informed every step of the way, and they helped us feel heard and believed. They made us feel secure.”

After helping Ron fight against this wrongfully denied claim, we were able to get him the benefits he needed in order to take the time to recover properly.

*All client names and identifying details have been changed to protect the confidentiality of all involved.


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